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Global Scholar | International Relations Program for High School Students

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Based at American University

Calling all young global leaders! Global Scholar is a life-changing global leadership program for students who are eager to build a more peaceful, just and sustainable world.

We provide the training, knowledge and support young leaders need to succeed. Through meetings with foreign policy experts, workshops in leadership and communications, and drafting a real project or campaign to launch in their community, Global Scholars gain a rare and powerful set of skills that enables them to succeed in school, and in life.

Our approach:
We believe young global leaders need both knowledge and skills to make a difference. Learning is hands-on and fun. Through seminars, workshops, simulations, group work and lots of hands-on projects – including drafting a project or campaign to launch back at home – Scholars build knowledge, skills, and a sense of their own power to be leaders and changemakers in their community. In 2016, Scholars drafted projects, produced videos, wrote blog posts, crafted social media content and much more. Scholars also enter a robust community of youth passionate about building a more sustainable world, through our parent organization AMP Global Youth.

Program highlights:

  • Small-group seminars with experts working on the biggest global challenges facing our generation, including security, climate change, the rights of women and girls, hunger, global health and more.
  • Meetings with embassies, Senate offices, think tanks and international organizations. In recent years Scholars have met the Ambassadors from Afghanistan, Bahrain and Niger, toured the World Bank, USAID and State Department, and met with their Senator’s offices on Capitol Hill.
  • A transformative training experience with workshops on social entrepreneurship, policymaking, communications, leadership, public speaking, team building and more. Scholars participate in two day-long action clinics with leading organizations, and draft a project or campaign to launch back home.
  • Discussions on international careers with young professionals working for the government, non-profit organizations, think tanks and social enterprises. Our small group format guarantees Scholars will have lots of time to ask questions and get advice!
  • Learning with and from the brightest young minds working on global issues today. Learning is interactive, fun and fast-paced. Scholars tackle thought issues through simulations, small-group projects, films, creative projects, and more.
  • Exploring beautiful Washington, D.C. in the summertime!

Training the next generation of global leaders:

  • Participants report amazing increases in their understanding of global challenges, and their confidence as leaders. We are the only program that emphasizes both issues and skills. Participants consistently report they gain increased confidence in leading groups and taking action around issues they care about.
  • Our graduates have gone on to do amazing things, including leading school clubs and national youth organizations, embarking upon gap year and language-study programs, and attending prestigious colleges and universities. And many of our graduates are also now leaders of our national youth network: AMP Global Youth! Check out testimonials from past participants here.

The Global Scholar difference:

  • We are run by a national youth organization, with 15 years of experience empowering youth to understand and speak out about global issues. Over 100,000 students have participated in our programs.
  • We focus on building global leaders. We equip our participants with both knowledge and skills.
  • We are a small program. Our size allows us to focus on the growth and learning of each participant.
  • We’re affordable. We’re a non-profit organization, and aren’t out to charge participants and their families exorbitant fees for this experience. We also offer lots of scholarships!
  • The Global Scholar experience extends way beyond the session.  We offer opportunities for alumni to keep building their skills long after the conclusion of the program.

Apply today! Space is very limited.

Contact us to discuss whether it’s a good fit for you! globalscholar@aidemocracy.org or 202.709.6172.

Most of our participants are rising high school juniors and seniors. Scholarship money is available.

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