Vision and Story

A peaceful, just and sustainable world shaped by the unique power, energy and creativity of youth.

AMP Global Youth’s mission is to enable youth to make and create their world of tomorrow, through opportunities for expanding knowledge, skills, character and network.

Born out of a critical moment – the attacks on 9/11 – which saw our world changed forever, we are a youth-driven platform that walks the talk when it comes to building youth power.

Launched as ‘Americans for Informed Democracy’ in 2002, AMP Global Youth carries on a powerful tradition… Read on for our full story!

Key Moments:
2002: Americans for Informed Democracy was founded by Oxford University graduate student Seth Green, who was a Marshall Scholar studying in the United Kingdom when the attacks on September 11, 2001 occurred. Seth and his peers felt the urgent need to create space f196646632_d32bbca78d_mor youth to discuss the evolving nature of global challenges, and US global engagement.

2003: Launch of Hope not Hate, our flagship interfaith dialogue program.

2006: Launch of Global Scholar, our flagship youth leadership program. Now in its ninth year, Global Scholar is one of our most popular programs and has served hundreds of participants.

2013: Re-launch as an all-volunteer, member-driven organization. We moved from the traditional model of having paid staff in an office in DC, to running almost everything thro203195803_8ece4c32cf_mugh virtual youth leadership teams. Each college semester, 30-40 students drive our community by creating social media content, blogging, running campaigns, and maintaining relationships with partner organizations.

2015: Americans for Informed Democracy becomes AMP Global Youth.

And beyond … Where are we headed next? Join us to help us decide! We’re an entirely youth-driven community!

We’ve had many exciting moments over the last 12 years. Some highlights include:    

  • Hundreds of Town Hall meetings to discuss US global engagement on campuses across the country.
  • Supporting chapters on hundreds of campuses across the country, which have in turn led an inspiring array of events.
  • Mobilizing well over 100,000 youth on campuses, online and at national and international events.
  • Bringing the World Home Summits: Held in London and other Eur195123178_7a77d51e14_mopean cities to engage and equip Americans studying abroad to take action upon their return home.
    Summits to elevate the youth voice around US foreign policy during election years, including the Youth Voice Youth Vote Summits in 2008, and the 2012: Challenge Accepted Summit in 2012.
  • Issue-based Conferences on topics including: Transnational Partnerships for Global Development, Universalizing Primary Education, International Women’s Day, World AIDS Day, the intersection of global health and the environment, soc215083866_ec29cf4602_m(1)ial entrepreneurship, and many more.
  • Film screenings and tours of features such as Countdown to Zero, about nuclear disarmament, What a Billion Muslims Think, in partnership with Unity Productions Foundation, and What are we doing here?, about US foreign assistance.
  • Connecting youth to experts and leaders, for example through bringing reproductive health advocates from Jamaica, Nigeria and Ethiopia to campuses as part of the International Youth Speak Out Reproductive Health Tour.
  • Video conversations on global issues, through the The People Speak Initiative in partnership with the United Nations Foundation.195120009_3c04c43920_m
  • 1000 Visions of Global Change storytelling project, capturing snapshots of young global leaders committed to creating a more just world.

National and campus-based campaigns including:

  • Kick Me Campaign:  Partnered with Youth AIDS to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and the importance of testing.
  • Veto the ‘Squito Campaign:  Collaborated with Malaria No More to raise awareness about malaria and funds to purchase mosquito nets to prevent malaria in Africa.
  • Rights Camera Action Campaign: Mini-grant opportunity for students to organize innovative campaigns around global human rights issues and document their experiences on film.  Included labor rights,  access to essential medicines,   fair trade, and  divestment. These campaigns have touched upon a myriad of pressing human rights issues.
  • Student Campaign Against Human Trafficking: Organized a human trafficking leadership retreat, including skills training sessions on messaging, media, campaign strategy and lobbying, and a Capitol Hill lobby day.
  • Innovators for a Sustainable World Campaigns: Training and mini-grant opportunity for students to organize innovative campaigns around reproductive health issues.