Robert T. Coonrod

Robert T. Coonrod is President and CEO of InterMedia (www.intermedia.org), a research-based consultancy with offices in London and in Washington DC. The organization began in 1996 as a specialized research and evaluation provider for international broadcasters interested in understanding their audiences worldwide. Today it operates in about 60 countries annually to provide its government and NGO counsel on effective engagement strategies in the increasingly complex global media and communication and media environment. He joined the company in 2010 from Meridian International Center in Washington DC, where he was Chief Operating Officer.

Coonrod has a varied public service career. After Foreign Service assignments in Italy and what was then Yugoslavia, Coonrod spent several years working on Central European matters for the U.S. Information Agency.  Later, he focused my attention on American libraries and American Studies abroad and educational and cultural exchanges. Coonrod’s interest in media led him to the Voice of America, where she served as its Deputy Director during the wind down of the Cold War, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the rise of China as a global economic power. Shifting to a domestic focus in the mid-1990’s, he joined the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and served as its President and CEO for seven years.  Later Coonrod rekindled my international spark. He served as President of the Board of the Public Diplomacy Council for several years, and as COO of Meridian International Center, a DC-based not-for-profit that promotes global leadership through the exchange of ideas, people, and culture. These days he studies French and provides strategic advice to two for-profit entrepreneurial efforts that will improve access to internet services and increase the utility of stored data. 

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