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AIDemocracy was founded in 2002 by a group of young Americans studying abroad during 9/11. The students were wary of being overseas so soon after the tragedy, but to their surprise they were met with intense sympathy and solidarity from people around the world. For them, the tragedy revealed the power of a global community with shared values.

These students founded Americans for Informed Democracy to create space for youth to explore and debate the US role in the world following 9/11. Through town hall forums, conferences and thousands of campus events, they inspired a generation to articulate and demand a new vision for US global engagement.

Today, we are the only national student network that engages around both the global system, and the many challenges contained within it. For example, we debate the role of the G8 alongside taking action around global hunger. And we spend an equal amount of time exploring what it means for us, as individuals, to be empowered global citizens.

Key moments and campaigns have included:

  • Hope Not Hate, a campaign to encourage youth conversation around US engagement with the Muslim world. Through film tours, our Innovators in Cultural Diplomacy Program and Global Scholar, we have enabled our peers to think more broadly about our generation’s shared dreams and challenges.
  • Global Scholar, an intensive training experience the builds a firm understanding of the global system and cultivates global leadership skills. 2013 will be our seventh summer of running Global Scholar.
  • Over the past decade we’ve organized over 30 national summits and conferences, and another 5 in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. We’ve furthermore supported thousands of events and campaigns at the campus level in the US. Offering an equal emphasis on issue analysis, dialogue and leadership skill building, our work has involved well over 100,000 participants from around the world.
  • 2012: Challenge Accepted, our newest campaign to mobilize youth to speak out about foreign policy during the 2012 elections. Launched with a conference at George Washington University in April 2012, the campaign highlights issues our generation cares about, and the importance of voting.

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