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Americans for Informed Democracy (AIDemocracy) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that relies on public donations to help our organization and keep our student-led programming focused on pressing global issues with timely events and activities. We'd love to see you make a donation or join out student network, and thank you in advance for doing so.

It’s just not fair

by Guest writer GDLN News May 15, 2007 University students in the U.S. seek guidance from international climate change experts in Quito and Washington on ways to mitigate climate change. Talk about slim chances: if you live in a developing country, you have an 85% probability of being affected by …

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The USA on Iran: between intimidation and diplomacy

Following recent developments in the US foreign policy orientation to Iran, the analyst is tempted to hypothesize that the Bush Administration faces a dilemma of intimidation and diplomacy regarding Iran. Official documents and media reports indicate the US resistance to have direct talks with Iran. BBC reports that "the US …

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So you want to change the world?

Not long after graduate school, I traveled from sunny California to Washington, DC and got a job with an organization that did advocacy around a whole range of social justice issues.  It was perfect: full of passion and drive, I got to work with people who had a mission and …

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Young Americans and Egyptians talk, but don’t see eye to eye

by Dan Murphy Christian Science Monitor May 10, 2007 Over the weekend in Cairo, young Egyptian and American students and professionals came together in a series of meetings intended to bridge differences between the two cultures and countries. They were looking for common ground between Arab and American, searching for …

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Americans, Egyptians discuss the US’s Middle East policy

by Jonathan Spollen The Daily Star May 6, 2007 CAIRO: As world leaders descended on Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss Iraq, leaders in the making were running their own conference at the American University in Cairo (AUC). “Bringing the World Home: An American-Egyptian Youth Dialogue on US Policy,” a conference which …

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Human Trafficking 101: Global Trends

Human trafficking is a global phenomenon asn in order to effectively fight against it, we must first have an accurate picture of where and how the transport and exploitation actually take place. Geography–both physical and political–plays a significant role in the modern day slave trade. Factors frome terrain characteristics to …

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Reducing our impact on the global environment

Recently, I’ve been posting about the importance of reducing our impact on the global environment. Rather than simply talking abstractly about such ideas, I thought it might be helpful to share some recommendations for modern-day citizens from the experts. Following is a list of my favorite helpful suggestions from the …

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