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Alex B. Hill

Currently a Community Health Worker in Detroit, Alex is completing a Masters in Medical Anthropology. Alex holds a Bachelors degree in International Relations and African Studies from Michigan State University with a specialization in International Development and Social Movements. Alex founded and organizes the non-profit, SCOUT BANANA, a cooperative coalition of student groups focused on supporting increased access to health care in Africa. The organization has worked with seven different projects in six different African countries serving over 700,000 people by raising $200,000 and mobilizing 60,000 students. As well as advocating for health access issues across Africa, Alex has worked with a number of grassroots health projects, including: HIV/AIDS education and testing in South Africa, community health assessments in Ghana, and emergency services in Uganda. In 2008, Alex co-founded with three other students the Articulate Journal to give young people a voice in international development and health care. Alex believes strongly in community-based development as most effective and that young people are the key drivers of social change.

Dictators and Democracies for Health

Politics can have serious consequences for health. We need look no further than the US legislature for examples of the politics of health. The recent deeply partisan budget cuts threatened women’s health across the country and debates over the Health Care Bill easily demonstrates a democracy’s inability to provide basic …

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Education is More than a Building

No more cups of any kind, number 3s, or beverage references. Let’s talk about root causes. “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” To build on this wonderful old adage (which was all …

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When Conflict Health Becomes A Military Tactic

From developing refugee situations to border disputes, health crises that arise as a result of conflict are unfortunately quite common. Conflict health disrupts the ways that people access resources like food, water, and medicine. On the other hand, conflict health also creates the circumstances where diseases spread, people are needlessly …

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Privilege is a Key Determinant of Health

In our world of abundance there are growing areas of scarcity, our urban cities. These growing areas of scarcity once used to be bastions of wealth, but are now best known for their decaying infrastructures and lack of resources. In some cases urban cities have faced industrial decline, in others …

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Bicycles are for Global Health

In many cities across the US, cycling is growing in popularity and local governments are working to implement bike-friendly urban planning initiatives, but is it growing fast enough? The US ranks first in the world for percentage of population that is obese (34% for adults age 20 and older). Not …

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