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Anton Attard is a graduate student who attends the University of Michigan’s School of Public Policy. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a minor in Political Science from the University of Michigan. Within the public policy field, his concentration is on Foreign Policy in the Middle East. He is the Global Peace and Security Intern. Anton is interning at AIDemocracy as part of the Center for Global Understanding, a branch off of The Washington Center Summer 2011 program. His background includes work on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lebanon and several other countries in the Middle East. As the Global Peace and Security Intern, Anton wants to help bridge the gap between the Muslim-American community and the American Foreign Policy community. Before coming to AID, he interned at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding as a Research Assistant. Anton also gained experience in national and local elections while serving as a volunteer coordinator for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, Virg Bernero’s campaign for governor and several others. He resides in Michigan.

No ramadan in Syria

August is the Holy month of Ramadan. However, in some places across the world, it is not being celebrated. Instead, in places like Syria and Libya, they are still fighting for their leaders to leave office and for the system to be reformed. In other places like Somalia, people are dying …

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Ramadan Murbarak and hopeful Gallup poll results

This week, I had the opportunity to attend an important event that focused on Muslim Americans. This study was done by Abu Dhabi Gallup, and it found that Muslim Americans are loyal to the US and optimistic about the future more than any other religious group. Other religious groups included …

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The media and its unfair view

 A few weeks ago, a truly horrific event occurred. A bomb went off in the Norway capital of Oslo. Occurring almost simultaneously, a man in a police uniform randomly went on a shooting spree at a family campground. As a result of all these atrocities, 76 people died. 76 lives …

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Let us not forget

This year is the 10th anniversary of 9/11. We here, at AIDemocracy have launched a campaign called Be2021 (www.be2021.org) around this anniversary. We are actively collecting visions from young people of what they think the world should look like in another ten years. However, there is another event that is …

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Peace Loving or Peace Destroying?

For the past few weeks now, humanitarian ships are trying to travel to Gaza, but this year it is not only one, but several. Twelve countries in Europe and one ship from the US will be traveling to Gaza in order to alleviate the blockade that Israel is imposing. The …

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Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Hate?

In our country we have something called Freedom of Speech. Americans enjoy this freedom because they can speak their mind on just about any subject: sports, cars, politics, and defaming a religion. Yes, I said it, defaming a religion! Since 9/11 happened, Americans believe that is what Islam is: full …

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Freedom of Religion: Except if you’re a Muslim

Radicalization? Jihad? Shari’a? This is the rhetoric that keeps occurring in the mainstream media. Now being anti-Muslim seems the way to get votes in presidential race since Presidential hopeful Herman Cain said that he would not feel comfortable for a Muslim to serve in his cabinet. Many people actually agree …

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