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Mukul Sharma is a recent graduate of the University of Maryland in College Park. He majored in Environmental Politics and Policy and now works for DC based firm SEGURA Consulting, contributing to projects both in and outside their environmental practice. For Mukul, climate change has always been a passionate pursuit. The interconnections between economic growth, the environment, business technological innovation, and policy have always attracted him to the subject. He is most excited about the new kinds of innovations that are going to emerge as companies and countries as a whole try to mitigate their negative impact on the environment while maintaining solid economic growth. On a side note, Mukul is just as intrigued by culinary arts as he is climate change, constantly seeking to refine his cooking skills!

Whew! Last Minute Negotations Produce 2011 Budget

The smoke has finally cleared and the long contested battle to establish a federal budget for 2011 is over. With only hours to spare, government shutdown was avoided and a budget for the remainder of the year was passed. While staffers and federal workers are probably still recovering from a …

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New Budget Increases for US Foreign Assistance and EPA!

The latest and final budget negotiations between Republicans and Democrats have favored U.S. foreign assistance! Rather than reduce the budget for the State Department and USAID, both parties agree that these budgets need to be increased for the remainder of 2011. Although the new budget will not be made official …

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8 Days Until Government Shutdown – Both Parties Refuse Another Short-Term Bill

With 8 days and counting until another potential government shutdown, Republicans and Democrats have once again begun negotiations on the federal budget for the remainder of 2011. This time however both parties have made it clear that no short-term spending bill will be passed. This means if no final compromise …

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Government Shut-down Averted… Again

The current continuing resolution that has dictated the federal budget for the last few weeks will expire this Friday. In preparation, House Republicans have drafted a new three-week stopgap bill (A.K.A. continuing resolution) to keep government from shutting down. The new resolution will be introduced by the House Tuesday, then …

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To Avoid Government Shutdown, President and Congress Negotiate Spending Cuts

In the initial stages of the budget debates, both the President and House Republicans stood firmly opposed on the budget. House Republicans want $61 billion in cuts by the end of fiscal year 2011 (Sept 30). President Obama immediately took a hard stance claiming such cuts would put an end …

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Take Action to Save U.S. Foreign Aid!

President Obama, has proposed spending $47 billion in 2012 for the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). This is the money the U.S. spends on programs to fight poverty, empower women, ensure US security, fight disease, promote economic development and more. In an effort to reduce the Federal deficit, House …

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Valentines Day 2011 – The Heartbreak Budget Battle Heats Up

This year Valentines Day in Washington is not about heart shaped candy and bouquets but rather fiscal budgets, continuing resolutions  and the ongoing battle between the White House and Republican majority Congress over establishing a federal budget. Already half way through fiscal year 2011, neither side has been able to reach an agreement …

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