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Is Obamacare Un-Repealable?

On his website, Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney has promised that if he wins on Novermber 6th, which reminds me, ALL OF YOU SHOULD VOTE, he has promised that one of his first acts as President will be to repeal the healthcare reform passed by President Obama, known as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Repealing the ACA has been one of the pillars of Governor Romney’s campaign, but is it even feasible?

A recent article released by the LifeHealthPro, an health insurance trade publication, explains that many of the health insurance companies are extremely nervous about the prospect of repealing the ACA. The article explains that insurance companies have already put millions of dollars into preparing for the ACA, which takes full effect in 2014. Derailing the ACA would put these insurance companies out all of the time and money they have invested into adapting to the new rules and regulations.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, even if Governor Romney does not approve of the ACA as a whole, he does agrees with President Obama that the United States Healthcare System needs to change. While Governor Romney’s plan for healthcare reform is not as detailed as President Obama’s, Governor Romney’s plan does include many of the more popular aspects of the ACA, such as preventing insurers from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions. One of the major differences between Governor Romney’s plan and the ACA is that Governor Romney would not put into place a government mandate for insurance, which was an integral and contentious part of the ACA. Many large insurance companies are worried that the extra cost of covering patients, like those with preexisting conditions, under Governor Romney’s plan will not be deferred by the revenue brought in by mandated insurance for young and healthy Americans, estimated to be as much as $230 Billion by 2020.

In Governor Romney’s defense, I understand that the ACA is not perfect. I am sure some Americans will not benefit as much from the ACA as others, and some may even be negatively impacted by the new reforms. What I do not understand is why if Governor Romney agrees that the Healthcare System does need to change, would he completely abolish the ACA and replace it with impractical legislation. It seems that Governor Romney is too afraid of the backlash from the Republican Party for agreeing with President Obama, that he is actually willing to risk the health of millions Americans. So my message to Governor Romney and any other politician for that matter, Democrat and Republican, is cross that party line and work together, it may not be in the best interest for your campaign, but it is certainly in the best interest of your country.

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