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Stop Gambling Green on Grain this St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day:  Stop Gambling Green on Grain!

Here in the US, many people celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with traditional Irish food and drink. Sadly, for much of the world, the main ingredient in some St. Patrick’s Day brews is becoming unaffordable. Prices on food staples–such as grain–are at an all time high. One billion people in the world are already considered chronically hungry and this number is only going to increase. Gambling on food commodities is a major cause of this crisis.

Although investors and companies can turn a pretty penny by speculating on food and other commodities, doing so makes prices less stable. Basic foods are becoming more and more expensive, which has the greatest impact on the world’s poor.

We need to stop gambling with food– the winners (speculators) are winning big while the losers (the hungry billion) are unable to feed their families.

So this St. Patrick’s Day, take some time to do something for the people who are continually losing this unregulated game of food poker. Demand the creation of domestic and international regulations to protect those who are in most need of grain and other basic food staples. Join AIDemocracy in telling our leaders, both international and domestic, that we want speculators to

Stop Gambling Green on Grain!

1. Become a fan of Stop Gambling Green on Grain on Facebook !

2. Spread the word on your campus! We’ll send you information on hunger and food speculation, as well as all that you’ll need to get your campus involved in pushing our leaders to curb speculation, including copies of the letters and petitions below to sign. Contact Katie to get started.

3.Tell your representatives to Stop Gambling Green on Grain! The Dodd-Frank Act has a provision intended to curb speculation, but the act has come under scrutiny from some members of Congress who are looking to seriously revise, if not repeal, it.  Tell your congressional representatives to stop the roll backs on the Dodd-Frank Act. Edit and sign a letter to your representative, senators, or all three!

4.Tell the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to fight food speculation. The CFTC will write the regulations for commodity speculation in the current Dodd-Frank Act, and is taking pubic comments through April 4. Sign this letter to let the commission know how you feel about curbing speculation.

5. Fight food speculation at the international level. The current Group of 20 (G20) chair, France, has identified curbing speculation as a main target for the year. It’s important to push our Secretary of the Treasury and G20 representative to support France in this. Sign our petition and encourage your friends to do the same!

6. Demand your campus divest from investments in food commodities. Many of our universities have added commodity investments to their portfolios in the last five years, meaning we are adding to the volatility in food prices. Let your campus know that you want them to divest in commodities. Contact us to find out how to get started.

Let katie@aidemocracy.org know if you have questions or other ideas on how to take action to Stop Gambling Green on Grain!

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