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G8 Summit Recap: Does the Arab Spring mean an African Drought?

The declarations resulting from last week’s G8 Summit in Deauville, France include commitments to shared ideals and concrete measures in issues ranging from the environment and the internet to security and trade. However, as predicted, the recent democratic uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa were one of the …

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Reflections from Ghana

I have just returned to my position at AIDemocracy after a few weeks abroad in Ghana.  And while I have spent much of my day today muddling through emails and trying to stay awake (jet lag is a killer), I thought it was important to blog about my experience.  I …

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US Intervention in Libya: An Exercise in Hypocrisy?

I don’t believe anyone can deny, nor has denied, that Col. Gaddafi would have without doubt committed mass atrocities against the Libyan opposition if it were not for military intervention in the form of an imposition of a no-fly zone over the country. It would have been a horrific humanitarian …

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New Budget Increases for US Foreign Assistance and EPA!

The latest and final budget negotiations between Republicans and Democrats have favored U.S. foreign assistance! Rather than reduce the budget for the State Department and USAID, both parties agree that these budgets need to be increased for the remainder of 2011. Although the new budget will not be made official …

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Facing ‘difficulties’ after brutalizing a population? Obama and David Cameron could learn a lesson from their North African and Arab counterparts

After decades of brutalizing the population, political leaders shouldn’t be surprised to find their authority challenged by violent uprisings. But this plight is not only of political elites in North Africa and the Middle East – European and American leaders face serious dilemmas at the United Nations, after years of …

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Organize a Presentation of What Are We Doing Here?

Tim Klein, one of the filmmakers behind the documentary film What Are We Doing Here?, a film that looks at the effects of foreign aid in Africa, is looking for individuals/organizations interested in holding a presentation of the film and post film discussion with one of the directors/producers.  The trailer, …

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