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US Intervention in Libya: An Exercise in Hypocrisy?

I don’t believe anyone can deny, nor has denied, that Col. Gaddafi would have without doubt committed mass atrocities against the Libyan opposition if it were not for military intervention in the form of an imposition of a no-fly zone over the country. It would have been a horrific humanitarian …

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Sticks and stones may break my bones, but a few well chosen words can call in an air-strike

Obama is the new Hitler. Libya is overrun by Al Quaeda on drugs. Christian terrorists are killing Gaddafi’s loyal and loving nationals…. Whilst Gaddafi seems to entertain a somewhat sporadic relationship with reality, the power of his language reveals that he is strikingly on-key with his message of terrorist persecution …

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Impacts of US Disengagement: Why Jumping on the Bandwagon Preserves US Interests

The Obama administration has increased pressure on Republicans to reconsider their push for budget cuts to international programs. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is warning Congress that the budget cuts to foreign aid could prevent US businesses from expanding their trade relations to emerging markets. How are business interests a …

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Bigger Carrots and Bigger Sticks? A Problematic Approach to Iran’s Nuclear Program

Today, I had the opportunity to attend a half-day session on Iran’s nuclear program and US policy options for addressing the problems posed by their program. The session was organized by the National Security Network and the Center for American Progress. Throughout the day, there were three panels of experts …

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Lost in Translation

There was a stats conversion problem I had to do today, changing miles per gallon into gallons per mile. Gallons per mile, the end result of the problem, which might seem unusual to US drivers is actually how the rest of the world views gas consumption. My textbook said it …

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