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Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Every young person in the United States exercises his/her power to bring about a peaceful, healthy, just and sustainable world.

Our Mission

We educate, empower and mobilize our generation to take informed action around our individual and collective roles as global citizens.

Values and Principles

We believe that youth have power. Youth lead our work, continually refining their leadership, communications, organizing and advocacy skills. We are the farm team for the next generation of global leaders.

We believe the local is global, and vice versa. The problems we see in our communities are emblematic of global challenges affecting our generation around the world. We can’t address one without addressing the other.

We believe that challenges are interrelated. As we must look across place and time to address challenges, so must we address them comprehensively. We can’t target girls education, for example, without considering sanitation, the environment and security issues.

We believe that our generation has an obligation to speak out about global issues. We will inherit the impacts of today’s challenges, and we must stand up and take the lead in addressing them.