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Tiffany Pryce – Sex & Justice Fellow

Tiffany brings her experience and passion for public health and education to AIDemocracy’s Global Health team. She has been involved with public health organizations from an early age, beginning as a sexual health peer educator and growing to planning and executing campus events bringing to light international human rights injustices. Most noted was her study abroad trip to Guam in the summer of 2008. She traveled with a team to the beautiful island and partnered with an HIV/AIDS awareness organization to address the growing transmission of HIV among the Micronesian population. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of her life and she knew she wanted to help address health issues in a community closer to home. Also in college, Tiffany learned how to conduct research, structure argumentation, and gained insight into the United States legislative system as a successful policy debater. This sparked her interest in advocacy and health policy.

Among public health issues, Tiffany has a wide variety of other interests including exploring new places, finding great restaurants, volunteering, animals, traveling, and watching football. Tiffany is excited to join the AIDemocracy team as a Global Health Fellow and looks forward to enhancing her leadership skills by organizing student advocacy movements, but more importantly she looks forward to helping students find his/her unique voice and express opinions about important issues regarding US global engagement. She believes future leaders hold the same amount of power as current leaders and that the courage, the audacity to hope for a better tomorrow needs to begin with young adults. Among many global issues needing to be addressed, Tiffany is most passionate about ending modern day slavery, child marriage, HIV transmission among young adults, and the rights of the women and the LGBTQ community. Tiffany holds a B.S. in Biotechnology from James Madison University and will be attending graduate school in the fall.