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Why We Do It

Our work is based on the following principles:

Global issues are interrelated and connected to key domestic US issues. One cannot be an activist for any one issue without considering what it means to be a global citizen–both individually and as a country. We cannot hope to address challenges like climate change or nuclear proliferation, for example, without considering poverty, women and agriculture.

As students, we have power. We are more in tune with global events than our predecessors. Thanks to new technologies, we can organize our peers and speak out better than ever before. Our power has been proven through historical moments like the 2008 presidential elections.

We have an obligation to understand and take action around global issues. Threats of global terrorism and the global financial crisis are just two of the many developments defining our age. As youth, we will live with the consequences of today’s actions. The average college student today will live past the year 2060. The future is in our hands.

Check out our Vision & Mission to find out more about AIDemocracy’s goals.

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  1. I find this initiative to be very interesting. I have a question in regards to your mission. Do you define what it means to be an “informed” citizen? In my own research, I am curious as to how one defines what a citizen of a true democracy should know in order to comfortably exercise rights of free speech and the right to vote, and I’m wondering if you have a definition available.

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