By Michael N.

Many issues are present throughout the international community. Some of these have loomed for decades and some have appeared in a matter of weeks. To the global citizen, every issue matters because every issue can be solved to unite and aid humanity. But there exist three issues that have great relevance to the people of my generation. Because of the active and ambitious nature of today’s youth, these issues primarily concern longevity and legacy.

My generation has inherited all of the greatest downstream effects of environmental degradation from previous generations. A global energy crisis, ozone depletion, and the fragmentation of ecosystems have festered for too long and are now incumbent upon today’s children and young adults. To prevent further environmental destruction, these must be resolved as soon as possible. Fortunately, this issue has fallen into the hands of the most technologically advanced generation the Earth has ever seen. With the means and minds to generate renewable energy sources and ensure biodiversity at our fingertips, we are well equipped to tackle this issue.

The issue of intolerance has been present for centuries and crosses all the boundaries of all cultures, religions, and nationalities. These facts in and of themselves make intolerance seem indomitable. Despite that illusion, the time to end intolerance has never been better than now. Due to advancements in communication, the world is more connected than ever before. With an issue as widespread as intolerance, the young people of my generation from all backgrounds can easily unite, take matters into our hands, and quell this issue. Such progressive action would benefit the future of humanity immeasurably and set the stage for an unprecedented era of human understanding and cooperation.

Especially in this time when enough food exists to feed everyone, food insecurity is inexcusable. This is an incredibly urgent and absurdly widespread issue and with a rapidly growing population, the detriment caused by food insecurity grows exponentially. It is imperative that we work to solve this issue now, because due to its entrenchment around the world, resolving it is a life-long task to be undertaken by our generation.

In the brilliant, connected world in which we live the issues we face have no place plaguing humanity. The issues of environmental degradation, intolerance, and food insecurity all hinder us from progressing to an advanced Earth populated by global citizens. My generation possesses the technology, skills, and, most importantly, itself as the tools necessary to overcome these long-standing issues. This fact makes the aforementioned issues the three issues that matter to my generation.