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Resources for Teams

Welcome aboard to AMP Global Youth/AIDemocracy! We’re stoked to have such a great group of volunteers who are passionate and ready to tackle major issues present in our globalized world. Here you will find a list of resources to help you along the way as you volunteer with us.


AMP Global Youth is a unique program in that we are 100% virtual and volunteer-driven. This means that communication within our community holds an even more important role since we can’t all gather in person to discuss weekly tasks and accomplishments.   Therefore, there are four tools we will use to communicate with you guys:

  • Entry Survey: The entry survey has vital information on ways to contact you, dates you’re available for orientation and all-team calls, and work availability. It also includes tools for us to get to know you. The entry survey also has the Volunteer Agreement and the link to the 1000 Visions submission page (both of which are necessary).  Please remember that you will not be able to officially start working with us until you submit your survey.
  • The Google Group/Listserve: This is the main way we stay in touch with you guys and keep updated on what’s going on in our community. We all use the same Listserve to send out messages and reminders to our teams.  There will always be brackets at the very beginning of the subject line [Like This!] that will clarify which team(s)/people the message is meant for.  Of course, you’re still more than welcome to read messages directed toward other teams and even provide input! We encourage you all to participate in the Listserve and use it to your advantage.
  • Google+ Hangouts: This is the primary tool we use to conduct team meetings.  Google+ is a free and simple upgrade to your Gmail account. Google+ enables us to video chat and instant message each other over the course of the team call. Check with your coordinator for more info about the Hangouts schedule, as each team meets on a different schedule! Please be sure to be present and contribute on these calls, as they are important moments to discuss workplan progress and team goals.
  • All-Team Calls: We also hold monthly all-team calls, which will be scheduled at the beginning of the semester. These calls are important moments for us to all discuss what we’ve achieved thus far, questions and ideas about the community, and more. Please try to make at least two of the three all-team calls!


We recommend setting aside a set time per week to complete your work, same as you would schedule your hours for an internship in an office on campus. Please protect this time each week. Remember – your team and the rest of the community are really counting on you!

  • Be present on email, online, and on calls. We expect everyone to be active when communicating online. That means reading and responding to emails, commenting on Facebook posts, and participating in Hangouts and team calls. We know it’s easy to multi-task when you’re not actually in the same room as someone else, but we also know you signed up for this commitment because you wanted to get something out of it. That will only happen if you jump in full-steam and engage with the community!
  • Please respond to emails within 48 hours. If a team member hasn’t heard from you in that time, they will resend the original email with the subject line prefix HOT [YOUR NAME], at which point you should please respond as soon as possible.
  • Be courteous. All of us are what make this community powerful. You are joining a community, and as such please act neighborly. Things like commenting on a fellow team member’s blog post, sharing a Facebook post created by the social media team, and participating in group email discussions are really, really important. This is how we all “talk to” and support each other, while also growing our broader community.
  • Predict the future. Just kidding. We know you can’t predict the future, but please be aware of times when you think you may have limited availability (i.e. during exams/finals, vacations, holidays, etc.) so you can plan your work accordingly. Communicate!
  • Don’t break our heart. No one likes a bad breakup. Should the time come when you need to end your commitment, we ask that you tell us as soon as you can and give us a two-week notice so that we can find someone to fill your position. Disappearing without prior notice is not an option (not in a respectful relationship, anyway).
  • Build your skills! While we have annual team and semester goals, it’s really important to us that you achieve your goals and get the experience you want from AMP.
  • At the beginning of your commitment, we ask you to articulate three things you’re hoping to get out of the AMP experience. Please be honest!
  • During the mid-way point of the semester, we will check in with you to see how your experience is going. If there’s anything you haven’t gotten to do yet and you want to do, we’ll ensure that you’ll get that experience during the remainder of your commitment with us.

Other Ways to Get Involved

In addition to our official website, we also engage with the AMP community via our official Facebook page and our LinkedIn group. Please be sure to join and like the respective groups and pages and comment, as discussion is a critical part in having our voices heard on important global issues.


We are here to help! Please reach out to the volunteer coordinator or your team coordinator with questions at any time!

Again, thank you so much for joining us and helping to amplify the story, voice and power of global youth!

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