If you’re right here right now then you understand that there’s never been a more crucial moment in time to rally around our 21st century challenges. To be young doesn’t mean we’re any less able to fight for what we believe in. To be young means to: hope, lead, connect, aspire, inspire, play, risk, rebel, speak, shout, question, imagine, discover, uncover, make, create, grow, become… To be young means to change and make change. So while the world may  underestimate us, we must use our youth to AMPlify a changed world, defined by global youth.

Need a little back up? We got your back.

Welcome to Frequencies: a multimedia next generation education project for changemaker youth to gain knowledge, skills, and network around global citizenship.

Join us every month where we untap, unpack, dissect a new skill, value, or mindset that changes the world in some big and small way. Come with an open mind and desire to explore and debate as we pick apart global issues, gather wisdom from inspiring leaders, and offer concrete things you can do around each themed frequency.

Here’s how it works: every month we’ll offer you things to learn, share and do.

Learn: Watch our videos offering critical thinking on theory, issue-specific expertise, career development, and skill-building.

Share: Pay it forward by spreading the love and learning to anyone and everyone in your social networks by sharing our Frequency-inspired visuals.

Do: Make a to-do list of changemaking actions you can take at the personal, community, and global level. No matter how big or small, every action turns up the volume on a changed world for us all.

Wanna make soundwaves that turn the world on its axis? Join our global youth movement that is breaking through the noise of injustice: tune into this month’s #Frequency and turn it up!

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Check out our teaser video for what we’ve got in store… It’s not even a glimpse of the wisdom we’ve got coming your way on how to turn hope into action. Rest assured, we’re hustling to turn that warm fuzzy feeling of hope into a cold hard reality.


And #Hope is finally here! Check out our first video as part of our monthly frequency!