What’s the general structure of the training?

The 3.5 day training is split into three main themes – racism as a system of systems, racism as an everyday experience and anti-racism through allyship and lifelong work. Trainings will be delivered mainly on Zoom (with day long sessions lasting from approximately 10am-5PM EST with short breaks throughout and a 60 minute long break halfway through. In presenting and sharing information there will be some reliance on reading and writing, as well as speaking and listening, so a functional camera, microphone, and speakers/headset is necessary.

How will the trainings be conducted, made accessible to others and shared?

At the moment, anti-racism trainings will be delivered virtually mainly on Zoom. Parts of the workshop may be recorded so that participants can refer back to them forever. Please note: this means that by participating, you give consent for the session to be recorded. This training is currently inaccessible to visually-impaired and hearing-impaired people. We understand this is not good enough and we are working on ways to improve this as we build the capacity of our organization. If you have any needs not considered here, please get in touch with us to let us know, if you feel comfortable doing so. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as part of our organizational vision and mission and so we are continuously working hard on being open and receptive to your needs, whoever you are.

What is the cost of the training?

The training is currently priced at $295 for the 3.5 day curriculum. This standard fee includes all materials presented, permanent access to our virtual learning platform, a recommended resource list (of readings, films, podcasts, social media accounts), our collaboratively worked slide deck/presentation, a community of other anti-racist learners, recordings of relevant teaching sessions and a 50% discount for additional anti-racism coaching.

Why should I invest in anti-racism training for myself, my team or my organization?

12 reasons why this anti-racism training is for you:

1. You want to take a more active role in combating racism.
2. You’re stuck and you don’t know how to be a part of the solution, and not the problem.
3. You want to create an opportunity to learn about this with your loved ones.
4. You want to apply your learning to your job.
5. You want to feel more informed on the issue so you can be more effective at holding critical conversations.
6. You feel overwhelmed and you want to know where to start.
7. You want to understand your role as a white (and/or non-black) person in the #blacklivesmatter movement.
8. You feel a lot of pain, guilt, and/or fear at what is happening and you want to do something.
9. You’re scared of getting things wrong and you’d like to understand how to navigate that.
10. You would like to deepen your relationships with people of color in your life in a way that is deep and meaningful.
11. You might like reading but you want more than just an endless reading list.
12. You’re ready to do the work.

Who is the training designed for?

This training is designed for youth, adults, leaders, educators, and people of all professions and walks of life who identify as white and non-Black (for example, you may identify as white, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latinx etc.) If you are unsure if this training is for you or someone you know, feel free to get in touch with Vanessa (vanessaf@ampglobalyouth.org), our Chief Trainer, and she’ll be able to support you in your decision making.

I'm interested! Where can I register?

We are excited to partner with this on developing your anti-racism toolkit. Register with Vanessa at vanessaf@ampglobalyouth.org!

Why work with AMP Global Youth?

AMP Global Youth is a youth-driven organization dedicated to social action and change-making since the inception of the 21st century. We recognize that all the global challenges and issues that we work hard to solve are shaped by systemic oppression and that the root causes of such injustices are extremely complex and interconnected. Both in our staffing and our global youth network, we are committed to racial diversity, equity, and inclusion and we are also committed to remaining accountability in all instances as we do everything we can to unlearn our internalized racism as individuals and a collective. We are grateful that we have been working closely with these issues enough to feel both capable and responsible for offering this training in a moment of time that feels charged, overwhelming, and confusing. Our trainers have both personal and professional experience of anti-black racism and so while we are aware of the need to stay in our lane as an organization, we also hear the call to do this precious work, following the lead of our lived experience experts, and doing all that we can do to shape the world of today and tomorrow in the spirit, and service of racial justice, once and for all.

What are the main learning outcomes of the training?

Each of the 3.5 days of training will tackle a variety of learning outcomes in knowledge-building, awareness-raising, skill-building and sustained action. Each session aspires to support participants in thinking through the following larger picture questions in praxis:

1. The year is 2020 and racism still not a thing of the past. How did we get here?
2. If racism is maintained through collective bias and behavior, what do I need to do to disrupt it?
3. If anti-racist allyship is a verb, what do I need to be thinking, doing, and ultimately being?
4. What more do I need to remain committed to living and breathing an anti-racist life?

Did we miss something?

Have any questions that weren’t answered on this Anti-Racism Training FAQ? Please contact Vanessa at vanessaf@ampglobalyouth.org.

We look forward to seeing you this year to advance racial equity!