What happens after this moment is crucial.

This summer we have seen a global groundswell for #blacklivesmatter against a backdrop of racial injustice and police brutality. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Elijah McClain. Rayshared Brooks. Tony McDade. And countless other Black people killed by the police in the US. Anti-black racism is a more than 400 year old system of violence, exploitation, and domination that dehumanizes and terrorizes Black people and people of color. We cannot just watch the news and struggle with emotions of despair, anger and helplessness… We must do something. One place to start is by looking critically at how we show up in our personal and professional spaces.  It’s on each of us to ensure that we’re not just not racist, that we’re committed to being anti-racist.

How can we breathe life into a narrative that transcends the headlines? What happens now after the dust and debris has settled? Will this monumental moment become a movement? And what can we do to contribute to the cause?

That depends on what we decide to do now…

In the spirit and service of racial justice, AMP Global Youth brings you a 3.5 day intensive training in anti-racism. To register, click HERE.

Who is this training for?

This training is designed for people who identify as white and non-Black (for example, you may identify as White, Asian, Middle Eastern, Latinx etc.)

If you are unsure if this training is for you or someone you know, feel free to get in touch with Vanessa (vanessaf@ampglobalyouth.org), our Chief Trainer, and she’ll be able to support you in your decision making.

Here's What We'll Learn:

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Day 1 - Racism: A System of Systems

This knowledge-building session is both an introduction and a deep dive into understanding the historical evolution and present-day manifestation of anti-black racism as a system of oppression. his session is all about visibilizing the ways in which racism has been and continues to be designed as an entire system that shapes and influences all aspects of our societal life including government policy, mass incarceration, poverty, the media, and more.

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Day 2 - Racism: An Everyday Experience

This awareness-raising session looks at how anti-black racism shapes our everyday interactions and is reinforced by them. We will shift from a macro lens of racism as the system of systems to a micro lens of racism as it shows up and plays out in our interpersonal interactions, relationships, and dynamics, often without our knowing it.

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Day 3-3.5 - Anti-Racism: Sustaining Allyship

This skill-building session begins to shift our knowledge and awareness of how racism operates at an institutional and interpersonal level to how we can actively challenge it in our lives. The follow-up half day session allows participants to grapple with the complicated nature of doing this work, the emotional experience of seeing the world through a different lens, and the ways we can continue stretching in our knowledge, awareness, and action.

Build your anti-racist toolkit with us!



We are accepting applications for the following sessions:  Session 1: Aug 7-9. Session 2: Aug 14-16. Session 3: Aug 21-23. We meet from 10am-5pm ET each day during session, with plenty of breaks. Sessions will be for either youth (under 18) or adults (18 and older).

Pricing and What You’ll Take Away

The fee for this experience is $385. Scholarship funding is available. Participants will leave with all materials presented, a resource list (of readings, films, podcasts, social media accounts), materials we create together during the sessions, access to a community of other anti-racist learners, and a 50% discount for additional anti-racism coaching.


Accessibility Needs

This training will be delivered mainly on Zoom. Participants will need a laptop or tablet, and stable internet connection.  For more information about accessibility needs and our anti-racism training, please visit the FAQs page.

2020 Workshop Dates

We are currently seeking interested organizational and institutional partners to sign up for our upcoming workshop dates!

Session 1

August 7-9, 2020

Session 2

August 14-16, 2020

Session 3

August 21-23, 2020

Contact Details
If you would like this training specifically for your school, organization, or group – we are happy to customize it to your context. Please get in touch with Vanessa at: vanessaf@ampglobalyouth.org. 
To register, click HERE.
Learn more about Vanessa HERE.