Be2021 was a storytelling project we launched on the tenth anniversary of 9/1, in 2011. We collected over 500 visions of what we – youth- want the world to look like in another ten years. The project was an effort to give a voice to the tremendous power and hope of our generation. Check out highlights from Be2021, below! This work continues through the 1000 Visions of Global Change project, and our broader efforts as AMP Global Youth.

The Next Decade Will Be On Our Terms
September 11th, 2011

Ten years ago, the United States was faced with the unthinkable. We became a nation stunned by the devastation we saw outside of our own windows, on television sets, and in the faces of those who understood the implications of that fateful day. September 11th was life-altering. Not only for those directly impacted by the attacks, but by young people across the United States, who now only know of the world through the prism of September 11th and its decade of aftermath.

Ten years later, we remain stunned by losses that we incurred on that day and in the years to follow; we have lost service men and women and civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, personal freedoms in the name of national security, and tolerance for those of the Islamic faith. We remember these losses on the 10th anniversary. However, September 11th should not be solely about remembrance, it needs to be about looking forward. Young people are inheriting a world that has been created as a result of September 11th. It is therefore the responsibility of youth to ensure that the world becomes the one we need it to be. In the next decade, young people will remember, but we will no longer remain stunned.
Be2021 is a vehicle for young people to reframe America’s role in the global community. The campaign empowers students to build a decade-long movement that will envision and create a better world by 2021 – the 20th anniversary of September 11th. Be2021 shapes a global space to remember, respond, and react through powerful narratives, policies, and discussions. The youth of Be2021 articulate a more peaceful, just, healthy and sustainable world, and act to make that future a reality.

September 11th and the United States’ subsequent response fundamentally altered the world’s perception of us; and not always for the better. In partnering with Be2021, youth have the power to once again reframe our global interactions. And this time it will be on our terms.

Join the movement. Spread the word. Remember September 11th. And change America’s post-9/11 legacy.

We will,
The Be2021 Dream Team (a.k.a. Hannah, Ramis, Rajit, Ningxi, Kushal, Samantha, Kaysie and Jim)


The Be2021 Movement

Movements are powerful things. From Gandhi’s struggle to gain Indian independence from Great Britain, to civil rights for African-Americans here in the United States to the ending of apartheid in South Africa, movements have the ability to make what once seemed impossible more like an inevitability.

And as young people, we have power. We number 100 million strong. We are the most global generation yet, feeling a deep obligation to help the world at large. And from Cairo to Washington, we have shown that we are a force to be reckoned with.

AIDemocracy’s goal is to create a more just, healthy, peaceful and sustainable world. We do this by tackling a lot of global challenges; from combating HIV/AIDS, to eradicating global poverty, to ending our dependence on fossil fuels, to eliminating nuclear weapons, and much more! On the surface, it might seem that these challenges are insurmountable.  However, given how powerful movements can be, combined with our power and idealism, there should be no doubt that all of these challenges (and more) can be overcome and a better world can be realized.

Be2021 is the movement that will do this! We will capitalize on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 to envision and work towards a better world in 2021 – twenty years after 9/11. Through a national youth summit, events on 100+ campuses, an arts contest and a declaration, we will empower young people from across the United States to articulate their vision of a more peaceful, just, healthy and sustainable world, and lay the groundwork for making that future a reality.

In short, we will build a student movement who will lead our generation and our planet into the future.

Want to build this student movement? The easiest way is by sharing your vision for 2021 by signing onto our declaration. Want to get more involved? Check out Create 2021, the 100 Campus Events we want to do and the National Youth Summit to find out how you can be a part of each and every one of these!



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