Hoping to gain experience living in another culture, learning another language, or expanding your skillset? Check out these powerful opportunities, proposed by youth in our network.

Featured Opportunities, recommended by our network:


“The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for motivated changemakers to immerse themselves in a community abroad, working side by side with local leaders to tackle the most pressing challenges of our generation.”. Find out more: www.peacecorps.gov. Stories from Peace Corps Volunteers in our community: Leslie and Karen.



“Global Citizen Year is an award-winning, non-profit social enterprise on a mission to make it normal to choose a bridge year; an experience after high school that builds self-awareness, global skills, and grit – the foundations for success in college and beyond.”. Find out more: www.globalcitizenyear.org. Stories from GCY participants: Sebastian, Dora, and Amanda.


InterExchange participants develop career, intercultural, language, and leadership skills during international programs ranging from one week to two years. For 50 years InterExchange has supported young adults from around the world on Au Pair, Camp Counselor, Career Training, Spanish Immersion, Teach English and Work & Travel programs. The InterExchange Foundation offers grants to individuals who have organized their own service projects abroad. 



Other Opportunities:

Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program (CBYX): full, merit-based scholarship for high school students to study abroad in Germany for an academic year. Scholarship recipients are placed with a German host family and attend a German school. For more information, see usagermanyscholarship.org.

Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad (YES) Program: full, merit-based scholarship for high school students to study abroad for a year. Destinations include: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Oman, Turkey, Indonesia, India, Ghana, Macedonia among others. Learn more at yes-abroad.org.

Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship Program: scholarship program for university students currently receiving a Pell grant to study or intern abroad. Find out more: www.iie.org/programs/gilman-scholarship-program.

Boren Scholarship Program: scholarships up to $20,000 to U.S. undergraduate students who wish to study abroad to less common locations including: Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Central & Eastern Europe. Click here for more details.

ExCEL Abroad Program: full, merit-based scholarship for high school students to study abroad in Lithuania for an academic year. See americancouncils.org for more information.

Taglit Birthright Israel: scholarship for Jewish young adults (18-26) to have an education experience in Israel during the summer. Learn more at www.birthrightisrael.com.

Rotary Youth Exchange: opportunity for high school students to study abroad, programs vary from a few weeks to a full academic year. See www.rotary.org for more information.

School Year Abroad (SYA): participants study in Italy, Spain, France, or China for their junior or senior year of high school. Participants must also live with a host family. Summer programs are available. For more information, see sya.org.

Middlebury-Monterey Language Academy (MMLA): four week immersive program for high school students to study Spanish, French, German, Chinese, German or Arabic abroad. See http://mmla.middlebury.edu for more.

Where There Be Dragons: unique opportunity for students to design their own study abroad program with emphasis on an authentic cultural experience. Summer programs, gap semester, and gap year programs available. Explore http://wheretherebedragons.com for more information.


Volunteer Opportunities
Idealist.org: a comprehensive resource for individuals looking for volunteer opportunities. Job and internship opportunities are also included. For more information, browse: www.idealist.org.

Peace Corps: An iconic service organization that sends Americans abroad to tackle the most pressing needs of people all over the world. For more information, see: http://www.peacecorps.gov/.


Language Study
National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y) Scholarship: full, merit-based scholarship for high school students to study a critical language abroad. Languages include: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Korean, and Persian. See nsliforyouth.org for more information.

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program: full, merit-based scholarship for university students to spend a summer studying a critical language abroad. Languages include: Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Persian, Azerbaijani, Hindi, Indonesian, Urdu, Chinese among others. See clscholarship.org for more information.

University of North Georgia’s Federal Service Language Academy (FSLA): offers an opportunity to intensively study languages like Russian, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Korean. Click here for more information.

University of Virginia Summer Language Institute (SLI): an eight-week program for students to intensively study languages like Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Tibetan among others. Learn more at www.sli.virginia.edu.

Middlebury Language Schools: intensive summer language program for languages like Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, Italian, Japanese among others. Participants agree to speak only their target language for the duration of the program. See: http://www.middlebury.edu/ls for more information.

Virginia’s Governor’s Foreign Language Academies: open to residents of Virginia, this intensive program offers intensive study of Japanese, Latin, French, German and Spanish. For more information, click here.

STARTALK Summer Programs: offers language-learning opportunities for students of critical languages. STARTALK sponsors a variety of programs across the United States. Explore the website to learn more about the courses and languages offered this summer: https://startalk.umd.edu.

Concordia Language Villages: offers intensive immersion-style study of languages like Danish, French, Japanese, Finnish, Russian, Norwegian, and Italian among others. Concordia offers both youth and adult programs. See http://www.concordialanguagevillages.org for more information.

Beloit College Center for Language Studies: intensive, immersion-style four-week or eight-week study of Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Russian. Open to high school students, university students, or professionals. Find out more at https://www.beloit.edu/cls/.

Harvard Ukrainian Summer Institute: offers courses in Ukrainian history, culture, language and literature. Open to university students. For more information, check out: http://www.huri.harvard.edu/husi.html.


Gap Year Programs
Global Citizen Year: participants spend their gap year serving in countries like: Brazil, Ecuador and Senegal. See globalcitizenyear.org for more information.

Thinking Beyond Borders: TBB’s Global Gap Year program allows participants to experience seven different international cities. Program content focuses on: public health, agriculture and economic growth among other disciplines. Explore https://thinkingbeyondborders.org/ to learn more.

Kivu Gap Year: this unique program allows participants to realize their full potential through international and domestic learning adventures. Explore kivugapyear.com for more information.


Social Entrepreneurship
ThinkImpact: small group programs for college students and young professionals teaching social entrepreneurship and business skills in South America and Africa. Find out more at: www.thinkimpact.com.


Interfaith Youth Core: National organization that works with college campuses to foster interfaith dialogue as a social and productive norm. Campuses can start Better Together campaigns to bridge gaps between individuals of religious and non-religious worldviews and train students through Interfaith Leadership Institutes. See https://www.ifyc.org for more information.

North American Interfaith Network: An online organization that connects interfaith communities across the continent together through current events, job opportunities, etc. Offers a yearly conference and internship opportunities. Learn more at https://www.nain.org/.

Parliament of the World’s Religions: As one of the oldest interfaith movements in the world, they offer global conferences every two years to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. Go to  https://www.parliamentofreligions.org/ for more.

Tanenbaum Institute: Promotes mutual respect with practical programs that bridge religious difference and combat prejudice in schools, workplaces, health care settings and areas of armed conflict. Programs include internships, and the Peacemakers in Action program to provide conflict resolution and grassroots work in areas of conflict. Visit https://www.tanenbaum.org/ for more details.

United Religions Initiative: URI promotes ‘daily interfaith cooperation’ through action of service in areas like youth, gender equality, the environment and peacebuilding through projects and regional cooperation circles that foster local initiatives in promoting cooperation and collaboration. Check out http://uri.org/ for more.

Religions for Peace: International multi-faith movement that posters peace and change through international community engagement and mutual understanding and immersive education of faith tradition on the basis of peace. Learn more at www.rfp.org.

Share your opportunities here. We’ll get them out to thousands of young global youth interested in doing big things!

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