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Call for creative content + papers: Immigration, Refugees, and Islamophobia

You- yes you! Written something interesting, heartbreaking, profound, funny, educational, or just plain good about:

  • immigration
  • refugees
  • Islamophobia
  • Muslim Ban
  • immigration policy
  • women/girls
  • education
  • “fake news” + media
  • president’s budget?

Want to share your writing? Send whatever you have our way, and the best pieces will be adapted for our highly trafficked blog. If you’ve written for your classes, a school newspaper, or even just for pleasure, any of that could work with a little polishing, so don’t hesitate.

We also welcome creative submissions of all varieties (ie poems, photographs, paintings or sketches, videos etc)!!! Submit your content and contact information to our form below (and if you have problems with that, you can send the information to opportunities@aidemocracy.org)


  • email or phone number, please
    check all that apply
  • if you can't submit the content itself on this form for whatever reason, please email it to opportunities@aidemocracy.org
  • Paste in your submission if it is a written piece! If it is a song or video, paste the link here, upload it further down, or email the file to opportunities@aidemocracy.org
  • upload a picture to go with your essay/poem etc
  • if you can't upload here, email file to opportunities@aidemocracy.org