Global Scholar Curriculum

Our goal is to:

  1. Understand the greatest global challenges facing our generation. We meet with experts to explore security, poverty, climate change, global hunger, genocide, the rights of women and girls and much more. We also unpack the role of the United Nations, the G8, the World Bank, corporations, citizens and, of course, youth.
  2. Build young global leaders. Through workshops covering basics like public speaking, policymaking, group dynamics and strategic communications, Global Scholars learn how to inspire change and lead action. They put these skills into practice through our unique Action Lab as well as through various leadership development opportunities.


Key Program Elements

Learn From Experts

Explore global issues with experts. We offer unparalleled access to leaders and places where decisions get made.

Build Skills

We offer skills that cannot be gained elsewhere, which you can immediately apply to your work and life.

Build Global Citizens

Our approach gives you the knowledge skills you need to become global citizens and leaders.

Program Highlights

Recent Speakers

Global Scholar 2019 Speakers and Sessions Included:

NYC Program
Access to Education. Jennifer Rigg, Executive Director, Global Campaign for Education
Unifying the Playing Field: Local and Global Movements to Advance the Right to Education. Ford Foundation
Understanding the United Nations and the Sustainable Development Goals. Charlotte Platt and Johan Rifai, UN Foundation
Challenges to Global Health. Doctors Without Borders
Water Access. Annalise Bourgeois, Charity: Water
Financing for International Development. Oliver Schwank, Senior Economic Advisor, United Nations
Global and Nuclear Security. Karim Kamel, Carnegie Corporation
Careers in International Affairs. Sampson Oppedisano, The New School and Aisha Mitchell, Global Health Corps
Understanding Immigration Challenges. Ella Nimmo, Cabrini Immigrant Services
Protecting and Promoting Human Rights: Women’s and Indigenous Rights. Fadimata Walet Inorene, Save the Children and Grace Fernandes, STAND Now
Journalism and Digital Privacy. Jennifer Valentino Devries, The New York Times
Interfaith Organizing and Action. Frank Fredericks, WorldFaith

Washington, DC
Perspectives in Human Rights. Bama Athreya, Brookings Institution
Youth & Global Health. Nicole Gill, Advocates for Youth
Conversation with Ambassador Liberata Mulamula. Ambassador Liberata Mulamula, Former Tanzanian Ambassador to the US
Protecting and Promoting Human Rights: Women’s and Indigenous Rights. Fadimata Walet Inorene, Save the Children and Grace Fernandes, STAND Now
Embassy of Cameroon
Nuclear Security. Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Brookings Institution
Access to Education. Jennifer Rigg, Executive Director, Global Campaign for Education
The United Nations and Sustainable Development Goals. Taylor Gates, UN Foundation and Anna Mahalak, Youth Engagement Manager, United Nations
Understanding the World Bank. Nadia Merdassi, Program Officer, World Bank
Embassy of Belgium
Immigration and Refugees. Josh Utter, Jesuit Refugee Services
Global Poverty and Inequality. Ken Patterson, RESULTS JRS
Climate Change. Tan Copsey, Climate Nexus
Careers in International Affairs Panel I. Mo Alem, Young Invincibles, Parul Agarwal, World Bank and Briana Suarez, APSIA
Careers in International Affairs Panel II. Brionne Dawson, US Chamber of Commerce, Mariya Ilyas, US Department of State, Gordon Wong, ONE Campaign and Briana Suarez, APSIA
Climate & Security. Neil Bhatiya, Center for a New American Security
International Development in Africa. Kwaku Nuamah, American University
Global Poverty and US Foreign Assistance. Gordon Wong, ONE Campaign
Visit to the US Department of State. Deborah Schneider and Jasmine White Gibson, US Department of State
Global Security. Greg Gershuny, Energy and Environment Program, Aspen Institute, David Forscey, Cyber and Technology Program, Aspen Institute and Jonathan Price, Aspen Strategy Group, Aspen Institute
Supporting Children and Ending Hunger. Rachel Merker, First Focus
Embassy of Colombia
Embassy of Niger. Ambassador Abdallah Wafy, Embassy of Niger
Mexican Cultural Institute. Sebastian Corrales, Public Relations Officer, Embassy of Mexico
Frederick Douglass House

We would like to extend our gratitude to our 2018 Global Scholar partners and speakers:

Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Brookings Institution * Jim Riker, University of Maryland * Ambassador Hassana Alidou, Embassy of Niger *Naomie Pierre-Louis and Dr. Weibert C. Arthus, Minister Counselor, Embassy of Haiti * Embassy of Mexico * Embassy of Burkina Faso * Donata Secondo and Chris Crawford, Democracy Fund * Giulia McPherson, Jesuit Refugee Services * Daniel Tutt, Unity Productions Foundation * Mac Hamilton, STAND * Andrew Slack, Imagine Better * Lily Mengesha, Jesuit Refugee Services * Jennifer Rigg, Global Campaign for Education * Patricia Langan, Save the Children * Tony Stephens, American Council for the Blind * Damiana Astudillo, Millennium Challenge Corporation * Rachael Leman, * Anna Mahalak, UN Association * Chitra Panjabi, SIECUS * Beverly Wheeler, DC Hunger Solutions * Jonathan Price, Aspen Institute * Lena Minchew, International Women’s Health Coalition/Girls Not Brides USA * Mark Bromley, Council for Global Equality * Sara Shirzad, Eurasia Foundation * Alexandra Toma, Peace and Security Funders Collaborative * Neil Bhatiya, Center for a New American Security * Patty Lovera, Food and Water Watch * Carmen Iezzi Mezzera and Enrique Sondakh-Dorantes, APSIA * Marques Anderson, Peace Corps * Scott Rechler, Director and CEO, Learn-Serve International * Tina Gaddy, Associate Director of Graduate Student Career Development, George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs * Jorhena Thomas, Principal, Wright Thomas International * David Fletcher, Director of Career Services, American University School of International Service * David Devlin-Foltz, the Aspen Institute * Rachel Sims, National Democratic Institute *

Other recent speakers have come from such organizations as:

The Brookings Institution * The World Bank * The Millennium Challenge Corporation * The United Nations Foundation * The Aspen Institute * Save the Children * The Stanley Foundation * Refugees International * The Harry Potter Alliance * STAND (Student Network Against Genocide) * Oxfam USA * The Eurasia Foundation * Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) * Peace and Security Funders Group * Global Campaign for Education * GirlUp * National Democratic Institute * The ONE Campaign * DC Hunger Solutions* Democracy Fund * And many others!

Action Lab workshops

Our signature Action Lab workshops give Scholars to the skills to engage and transform our world. Workshops cover:
– Systems Thinking
– Diversity and Inclusion
– Complex Problem Solving
– Strategic Action Planning
– Strategic Communications
– Empathy and Dialogue