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Global Scholar Curriculum

The Global Scholar curriculum comprises two elements:

  1. To understand global challenges facing our generation. We meet with experts to explore security, poverty, climate change, global hunger, genocide, the rights of women and girls and much more. We also unpack the role of the United Nations, the G8, the World Bank, corporations, citizens and, of course, youth.
  2. To build global leaders. Through workshops covering basics like public speaking, policymaking, group dynamics and strategic communications, Global Scholars learn how to inspire change and lead action. They put these skills into practice through our unique Social Change and Innovation Clinic as well as through various leadership development opportunities.

Policy Seminars


Through small-group meetings with policy experts, Global Scholars gain a rich understanding of the greatest challenges facing our generation. Recent seminars in our Global Scholar curriculum have included:

  • “International Relations for the Student Leader”
  • “Promoting Human Rights, and the Development of Women and Girls Worldwide”
  • “Hunger Is Not a Game: The Relationship Between Hunger, Climate Change and Youth”
  • “The US Relationship with the Muslim World”
  • “The Global Financial System: the Role of Corporations, Banks, Donors and the International Financial Institutions”


Leadership development is a big part of the Global Scholar experience. Through workshops and group work, Global Scholars sharpen several skills, including: leading for social change, policy making, persuasive writing (from op-eds to policy memos), strategic planning, public speaking, and branding & promoting your cause.

Unique to the Global Scholar curriculum is our Social Change and Innovation Clinic, a series of sessions on leadership, communications, advocacy and social change. The Clinic culminates with Global Scholars drafting a specific project or campaign to launch in their local community. 



Scholars learn directly from foreign policy experts. In recent years, we have met with a powerful mix of leaders and organizations representing many sectors and issues. Recent speakers range from Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins, Special Coordinator for Threat Reduction at the U.S. Department of State to Saul Garlick, founder and chairman of ThinkImpact. Global scholars also visit and speak with officials at various embassies and Senate offices.

Other recent speakers have come from such organizations as:

  • The Brookings Institution
  • The World Bank
  • The United Nations Foundation
  • New America
  • The Harry Potter Alliance
  • Oxfam USA
  • Institute for Policy Studies (IPS)
  • Peace and Security Funders Group
  • The ONE Campaign
  • The Aspen Institute
  • And many others

Other Curriculum Highlights

  • Service trip to explore the local impact of one of the global issues covered during the program;
  • Social activities, including: a talent night, scavenger hunt, movie nights, and group dinners in D.C.; and
  • Lots of time to check out the rest of what Washington, D.C. has to offer!

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