Global Leader

Calling all young global leaders! Join us!
Online. Next session starts March 2017!

Global Leader is an online social change training for youth who are eager to expand their skills as young global leaders and change makers. Today’s leaders must be confident in their ability to envision change, and have the ability to inspire and mobilize others.

Virtual workshops take place over the course of the semester and include:

  • Leading for Change: public speaking, group facilitation, and pitching a cause.
  • Planning for Change: strategic planning, problem and opportunity analysis, project management, power analysis and evaluation.
  • Communications: storytelling, social media, print media, messaging and branding.
  • Inspiring Action: recruiting supporters, planning events and advocacy / lobbying basics.
  • Movement Building: organizing basics, building partnerships, facilitating new leaders, and cultivating a network primed for action.

Workshops are led by a youth trainer and activist, with years of experience working for campus and national campaigns. Sessions are small, interactive and incredibly hands-on, and participants will have lots of opportunities to learn from each other.

The details:

The training is geared towards youth with some experience crafting or leading a campaign or project, and/or big plans to do so.

This is a small-group experience; we’re accepting a maximum of 8 participants. We’ll meet online (Zoom) one evening/week (Washington, D.C. time). Participants will be expected to spend a modest amount of time preparing for each session; for example, some weeks they’ll be asked to reflect on past experiences, while others they may watch a short video in advance.

Global Leader is free, but participants are asked to volunteer 5-8 hours leading future training sessions. 

To apply:

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About us:

Global Leader is a program of AMP Global Youth / Americans for Informed Democracy. Our mission is to amplify the voice and power of global youth. We are a youth-led network.