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As a network of young people in the US, we are taking informed action around our individual and collective roles as global citizens. A distinguishing characteristic of AIDemocracy is our emphasis on the interconnectedness of global issues. We fight for nuclear nonproliferation or funding for climate adaptation, for example, because they are also a means to ending poverty and empowering women.

Our 2010-2011 programs and priority issues include:

US Foreign Assistance: “Give more, better!”
International Financial Architecture

Climate Change
Fossil Fuels: “Kick the addiction”
Water: “Not a drop to drink”

Sex and Justice
Cut the Buzz: “Eradicate malaria now”

Peace and Security
Nuclear Weapons: “Bye bye to the boom boom”
Hope Not Hate: “Embracing our humanity through our diversity”
Wars and Occupations: “Seeking peace by ending militarism”

Find more information about each these issues on our program pages.

Issues are chosen based on network interest.

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