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All fired up to take action and build a more sustainable world? So are we! Check out some of these useful resources for young global leaders, from the AMP staff and community.

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Tips from AMP youth leaders:

Hundreds of inspiring young leaders have worked with us over the years. Here are some of their best tips for making change happen!

  • Leadership Tips: Looking for advice on building a campus group, speaking to decision makers, launching a campaign and more? We’ve got you covered!
  • Becoming a Global Citizen:  with this page full of resources, you’ll be fully equipped to become the world’s next best global citizen!

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  • AMP Facebook Group: if you’re a current or former leader or program participant, join our Facebook Group to digest and debate the latest global news.

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Want to Fight for Immigrants? Here’s Why and How

Garcia, a mother in Phoenix, is on her way to work at the amusement park, distracted with worry about her son’s cold. She punches in, walks toward her station, waving at her friend, but someone grabs her arm. She turns to see a pair of Border Patrol agents and her ...
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How Can Social Entrepreneurs Contribute to Society?

An entrepreneur is often defined as someone who sees a social problem in his community and comes up with a new idea, method or business to respond to it. But the truth has more to it than this; their impact is really important and more significant than we can imagine ...
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Facilitating a Meeting? 2 Quick Tips

Whether or not you're in a formal leadership role, you'll almost certainly end up facilitating a meeting at some point. And it's a great skill to have, if only so you can help ensure the meetings you're part of are efficient and productive (who doesn't want that?!). Here are some ...
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How Youth Can Be Change Makers

Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow, they are also the change makers of today. They are contributing to changing the world around them in every way possible, because to be a change maker you don’t have to wait to be an adult. You can start right now and ...
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diversity in reading

A Young Girl’s Leadership on Diversity in School Reading with #1000BlackGirlBooks

In a tumultuous world, stepping up and creating social change is needed more than ever. Whether it be a problem nationally or locally, youth across the country are finding their voices and taking action on causes they’re passionate about. In our classrooms, there have been questions raised about diversity. Are schools ...
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