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Americans for Informed Democracy (AIDemocracy) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that relies on public donations to help our organization and keep our student-led programming focused on pressing global issues with timely events and activities. We'd love to see you make a donation or join out student network, and thank you in advance for doing so.

America’s world

by Howard LaFranchi The Christian Science Monitor 09/10/03 WASHINGTON – In the land of Doonesbury, George W. Bush has changed hats. Once a voice from under a Stetson, the American president in the Garry Trudeau comic strip now speaks from under a Roman soldier’s feathered metal helmet. The wardrobe change …

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Student Groups Aim to Tap Interest in Politics

by Eric Hoover The Chronicle of Higher Education When Seth J. Green arrived in Britain to study in late September 2001, two weeks after the terrorist attacks against the United States, he saw the Union Jack and the American flag flying side by side. That image comforted him and so …

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‘Hope not Hate’, in Post Sept. 11 World

by Grace Armstrong The Middlebury Campus It might seem ambitious to hold a serious panel discussion of world events on the first Friday night of the school year, but the organizers of “Hope, Not Hate: Curbing Anti-American and Anti-Arab Sentiments after 9/11” had an important message. The Sept. 12 timing …

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‘Hope, Not Hate’ topic of public talk

The Sentinel 09/08/2003 Exploring the relationship between the U.S. and the Islamic world is increasingly important today as the conflict in Iraq drags on and Americans prepare to commemorate the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Representatives from the National Organization for Women (NOW), the Council on American Islamic …

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LSE Students Take Part In Global Conversation On Disaster Relief

by Nick Rodriguez The Beaver (London School of Economics) At noontime on a Wednesday at the end of last month, I joined dozens of LSE students who skipped out on afternoon athletics and headed for the World Bank’s London headquarters near Piccadilly Circus. After a brief orientation in the lobby, …

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Some Students Try to Bring the World Home

by Richard Reeves Yahoo! News 07/11/2003 WASHINGTON — “What do you think of our Peace Corps?” a proud President Kennedy once asked the prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. A good idea, Nehru replied; privileged young Americans could learn a lot from the poor villagers of South Asia. Kennedy was …

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Leave No Continent Behind

by Thomas Donnelly and Vance Serchuk Washington Post 07/07/03 President Bush departs for Africa today, following several weeks’ worth of debate about U.S. intervention in war-torn Liberia. Unfortunately, the Pentagon’s reluctance to commit troops to what it perceives as an errand of mercy has obscured one of the most promising …

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