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Americans for Informed Democracy (AIDemocracy) is a 501 (c)(3) organization that relies on public donations to help our organization and keep our student-led programming focused on pressing global issues with timely events and activities. We'd love to see you make a donation or join out student network, and thank you in advance for doing so.

The “Right” Kind of Drone

By Shahid Ahmad The 2008 Pixar film Wall-E would make it seem as if the future contained nought but obese, lazy, and technologically-dependent sluggards.  Amazon’s recent announcement of a straight-to-the-home delivery drone would seem to confirm this view. In fact, Amazon’s recent announcement reflects the rapid change that the retail …

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The Age of Man: Studying Human Development’s Effect on Earth

By Sridutt Nimmagadda The rise of the human species has fundamentally changed the Earth, enough so that this era has been named the Anthropocene by contemporary paleontologists and anthropologists. A recent article by Elizabeth Kolbert for National Geographic (http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/2011/03/age-of-man/kolbert-text) studies this trend through the scientific lens in order to find out how …

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Speak Up: How Being Indignant Can Be a Good Thing

By Natasha Baker “Discontent is the first necessity of progress” – Thomas Edison I am often indignant, and I sometimes wonder if the negativity inherent in such an attitude is healthy or productive. Sometimes I question if my frustration with the status quo is worth it or if I am …

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The Stone Unturned: The Attempted Legalization of Stoning in Afghanistan

By Breanna Bellatti Afghanistan’s president Hamid Karzai says the Sharia Law practice of stoning as a punishment for adultery will not be a part of the country’s new law code. This announcement comes after political leaders and human rights groups denounced proposed draft legislation that would have included stoning as …

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What’s Hot and What’s Not at COP19 in Warsaw

By Jonas Bruun, Lauren Gifford, Robbie Watt Originally posted on the Institute for Policy Studies website. As negotiations at the annual UN climate summit enter their final days, three participants weigh in on what’s hot – and what’s not – at COP19. Warsaw, Poland during COP19 (photo: Lauren Gifford)This is …

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Bridging the Gap: The Meeting That Could Change China

By Gao Qinglian When I was in primary school in China, my teacher told me: “Know your enemy well, and then you will become omnipotent.” Based on this principle, my teacher encouraged the study of America’s history, culture and language. Nowadays, America has definitely become more of a friend than …

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Why Money In Politics Is A Youth Issue

Originally Posted On: Young People For  by Gabriela De Golia Campaign finance reform and the impact of money in our elections are often thought of as important political issues, but rarely as youth issues. Little is said about the effects of massive corporate political spending on the lives of our nation’s …

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