Amber Spalek

5 Weird Writing Tips That Work!

By Tabashshum Islam Global Scholars understand the power of writing. From affirmations (I am an awesome writer & changemaker!) to petitioning for better policy, the power of the word is just too great to ignore. Here are some of our top five tips to flex your writing muscles and raise …

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Call for Contributions: Long-Term Impacts of COVID-19

What long-term impacts will COVID-19 have on our relationships, our education, our communities? Let us know what you think! We know the world will be different, and this is an important time for youth to articulate what they think the future should look like. Share your video response and we’ll …

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Soundwaves: The Youth Perspective on COVID-19

AMP Content Creators have been working tirelessly to highlight and share the youth perspective on the Coronavirus, from how this crisis is impacting their lives and communities, to what actions they want taken by their elected leaders, to recommendations and tips for staying safe . Scroll down for highlights, and …

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