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The Kids Might Be All Right

There is a cycle that begins in the aftermath of mass shootings. There are thoughts and prayers from politicians. The media analyzes the shooter’s reasons, often with a focus on mental illness as the cause. Those promoting gun restrictions and gun laws are told it’s too soon to discuss gun …

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International Women’s Day: The Fight Goes On

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate what women around the globe have accomplished. It is also a reminder of all the issues that still need to be addressed and tackled. Often, I hear that fighting for women’s rights is not necessary. And part of me aches inside to hear …

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From Time Travel to Standing Up For Education, Here Are 5 Books to Encourage You to See The World

Travel and literature go hand in hand. Great books can help us understand another experience, explore another place, and make friends from across the globe. Here are some of my top picks for books that will not only take you away through their storytelling, but will inspire you to actually …

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Why Should You Care?

Why should young people care about the U.S. presidential election? Why should we care about voting? Why should we care more about global issues? Quick facts: If you consider anyone born between 1982 and 2000 to be a Millennial, then that generation now takes up somewhere between a fourth to …

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