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Scaling Your Project Globally

Alas, through my last two posts we have arrived from just an idea into a tangible project, initiative, or organization. After spending time working with your organization and making it the best you can be, you are wondering how you can scale it to become globally recognized. During this stage …

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The Scientific Process of Social Entrepreneurship

If you’ve checked out my last post, hopefully by now you have an idea in the works of progress of what you want to do as well as someone you can relay your ideas and questions onto. Don’t worry if you don’t have a full project or organization completely hatched …

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Finding Your Interests, Passion, and Mentor

I get it. We all have these amazing ideas of things we can start, projects we can create, and ideas to transform into reality. Unfortunately, for many of us, translating that idea into tangible and on the ground action is the largest battle. We always hear about in media outlets …

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