Sydney Kornegay

A senior Political Science Major at Davidson College, Sydney Kornegay believes that issues of global health, development, and social justice are best studied outside the classroom. She has spent four summers working with an organization for HIV/AIDS orphans in Malawi, Africa, and a semester studying and interning in development and women’s health in rural India. She enjoys exploring other cultures at home and abroad- either through travel, salsa dancing, or playing the African djembes. She believes students have the potential to be powerful sources of change in international issues, by educating themselves, their communities, and advocating for change.

Cold leaders in the “Warm Heart of Africa”

Mary Banda speaks little of politics. At nearly 100 years old, her primary concerns are her failing eyesight, her sore knees and feeding her daughter and four grandchildren. Yet when asked if she thinks whether the politics in Malawi are getting better or worse, she doesn’t hesitate. Times used to …

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Melinda Gates’ Story: the Challenges and Successes in Global Health.

Melinda Gates has a story to tell. As one of the keynote speaker for CARE’s annual conference in DC last week, Gates told listeners of her personal interactions with women in developing countries. In the process, she told the greater story of the quest to improve health for women and …

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Victims of Climate Change

Polar bears aren’t the only casualties of climate change.  Indigenous people groups, whose food, livelihoods, and traditions are integrally linked to their environment, are among the hardest hit by changes in weather patterns. For instance, in the Arctic, flooding from melting ice has forced coastal tribes to evacuate entire communities, …

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Women in post-conflict politics: Why quotas are not enough

Women are not merely victims of war. Rather, they are often the central peacemakers in their community. From the Mano River Women Peace Network in Liberia, to The Women in Black in Belgrade, to Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, women have mobilized to mediate conflict, demonstrate …

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Education, Empowerment, and the Girl Effect

From the outside, the school in Umumpura, India seemed unspectacular- plain brick walls, a tin roof, and a dusty play yard. It was the inside, however, that held the true gem: a classroom full of young, confidant female students. The girls were an anomaly for the Rajasthan region of India. In …

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MDG Summit calls for Equitable Solutions

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) received their 20-year old check-up at the MDG summit in September. The diagnosis? While some of the goals are on track for completion by 2015, others- like reducing maternal mortality- have experienced only patchy progress. The poorest and most vulnerable communities continue to suffer, and …

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We can..

By Sydney Kornegay Sydney is one of AIDemocracy’s 2010-2011 Issue Analysts. Find out more about Sydney below or take a look at the Student Issue Analysts. Mwawi Nyirongo is an unexpected force, a woman whose stamina overshadows her stature. The fragile, five-foot Malawian doctor may not look strong, but after watching her work in …

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