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A Guide to the Determinants of Health

When we think about health, what exactly do we think about? For me, the world “health” stirs up images of squeaky-clean hospital rooms and doctors in white lab coats. I think of cancer and malaria, IV tubes and surgical equipment. And maybe you think of similar images, or maybe not. …

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Finding Your Interests, Passion, and Mentor

I get it. We all have these amazing ideas of things we can start, projects we can create, and ideas to transform into reality. Unfortunately, for many of us, translating that idea into tangible and on the ground action is the largest battle. We always hear about in media outlets …

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Would I Recommend Peace Corps? 1000 times yes.

We’re continuing to highlight our latest #BeGlobal opportunity, Peace Corps, through an interview with Karen Showalter. Karen was a Volunteer in Niger, West Africa. She shares her story below. My Peace Corps experience was overwhelming and empowering. I was posted in Niger, and worked as a Natural Resource Management Specialist. …

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Mental Health Aspect of Social Media

You may have heard of “Facebook Depression,” a phrase used to described the advent of depressive feelings that many people face caused by the use of social media. Dr. Primack, one of the key researchers and the director of the University of Pittsburgh Center for Research on Media, Technology and …

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Growth in Cameroun: A Peace Corps Profile

It is without a doubt that volunteers are right when they say Peace Corps is “the hardest job you’ll ever love.” I’ve served as an Agribusiness Peace Corps volunteer in Cameroun, Central Africa, in the eastern region of the country. I started my Peace Corps service right out of undergraduate …

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The Issue: Food Waste

Although the United Nations (UN) estimates that one in nine people in the world do not have sufficient food access, about 1/3 of all food produced is lost or wasted.[1][2] In the U.S., a 15% reduction in food waste could feed 25 million Americans.[3] Globally, if even just ¼ of …

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