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There is No Excuse for Apathy

By Soukaina Aouzou and Cathy Sun Election season just came and went in the United States, and youth turnout was disappointingly low. Young people need to be more aware of the importance of social and political activism, given the fact that their concerns are a key part in most issues …

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Smartphone and Sleep: Is It Worth It?

We’ve all heard about how sleep is important, and how smartphones make it more difficult to sleep well. But do you know how much smartphones make a difference? Not only does it take longer to sleep, but the use of smartphones makes the quality of sleep worsen as well. Dr. …

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The Scientific Process of Social Entrepreneurship

If you’ve checked out my last post, hopefully by now you have an idea in the works of progress of what you want to do as well as someone you can relay your ideas and questions onto. Don’t worry if you don’t have a full project or organization completely hatched …

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All You Need is Water, Sun, and not Soil?

green sustainable

By Amanda Chu  Amanda Chu, an AMP volunteer, discusses hydroponics and its advantages for our food system.  “When we were young, we learned that all we need to grow food and plants are water, sun, and soil. But what if I told you that we don’t necessarily need all three? Hydroponics …

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A Guide to the Determinants of Health

When we think about health, what exactly do we think about? For me, the world “health” stirs up images of squeaky-clean hospital rooms and doctors in white lab coats. I think of cancer and malaria, IV tubes and surgical equipment. And maybe you think of similar images, or maybe not. …

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Finding Your Interests, Passion, and Mentor

I get it. We all have these amazing ideas of things we can start, projects we can create, and ideas to transform into reality. Unfortunately, for many of us, translating that idea into tangible and on the ground action is the largest battle. We always hear about in media outlets …

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Would I Recommend Peace Corps? 1000 times yes.

We’re continuing to highlight our latest #BeGlobal opportunity, Peace Corps, through an interview with Karen Showalter. Karen was a Volunteer in Niger, West Africa. She shares her story below. My Peace Corps experience was overwhelming and empowering. I was posted in Niger, and worked as a Natural Resource Management Specialist. …

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