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Celebrate the Season with an Intercultural Party

The month of December is a time when many people in United States get the opportunity to relax and reflect on the year that has passed. Many of us are familiar with holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah that take place this month and celebrate the stories of miracle and devotion …

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Why We Stereotype and How We Can Stop It

A daily routine is nothing without observation. As human beings, we love to look around us and see what our surroundings have to offer. The sights, the smells, the people, and the conversations contribute to our curiosity and our ability to understand the world and everything it has to offer. …

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Newsletter – December 2016

Dear Friends: The holidays are almost here, and we’re hurtling towards the final few weeks of the semester. Between exams and elections, it’s been a busy season for all of us. Below please find some exciting ways to get engaged this fall and through the new year, through Culturama, launching …

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Changing the Perspective on Health

In this day and age, medical technologies and innovations are constantly on the rise. As a human civilization we’ve gone from allowing myths and legends to rule how we treated the plague to creating prosthetics for people who have lost limbs in battle. Although this technology continues to raise our …

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The Health of Syrian Refugees

The conflict happening in Syria is no secret, but understanding it all is no easy thing either. At its most basic level, it is a civil war between President Bashar al-Assad’s rule, as well as his Shia Alawite sect–a minority in the largely Sunni population. All of the destruction has …

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Reproductive Health Fears Under Trump

With all of the talk of the election and the different things it could mean–a wall on the southern US border, a ban of all muslims, a relationship with Putin–something people haven’t been talking as much about is what it might mean for women’s reproductive health. I get it ladies, …

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Marley Dias, an 11 Year Old Inspiration to Follow

By Nicki Totiyapungprasert In a tumultuous world, stepping up and creating social change is needed more than ever. Whether it be a problem nationally or locally, youth across the country are finding their voices and taking action against causes they’re passionate about. In our classrooms, there have been questions raised …

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