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Navigating Headlines: The Murky Waters of the Media

We all know that we should be keeping up with the news, but it can seem daunting.  Use these questions to help you get the most out of your media diet! #news #currentevents #mymediadiet With so many options for news sources, it can be daunting figuring out how to develop …

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What Does Your Favorite Film Say About Our Society? A Look Into the Hunger Games

What’s the message here?  Thinking about how popular culture reflects current social and political environments. One of my favorite movie series is The Hunger Games.  It’s exciting, gripping, and- at its heart, a political thriller.  What starts as Katniss’s fight for survival becomes a call for a revolution and the …

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Sexist Poverty

The notion that poverty could be sexist may not be plausible to some. Money is often considered one of the most objective objects there are, so how can it give preference to anything, much less gender. The problem lies in the social and political factor of the distribution of money. …

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How to Create and Sustain a Travel Blog

Creating a travel blog is a wonderful way to both record your experiences and to keep your friends and family back home up to date about your latest and greatest adventures.  But with all the excitement of travel, it can be difficult to keep up with regular entries. First of …

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End the Right to Kill Women

By Manjot Singh. The UN estimates that about 5,000 women are murdered annually in the name of family honor. Women around the world face “honor killings,” usually at the hands of male relatives, and the perpetrator is typically not brought to justice. Women are subjected to death for deviating from …

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Pluralism Against Terrorism: Interfaith Steps to Prevent Violence

The AMP Global Youth community is at a loss for words this morning with the terrorist attacks that took place in Brussels this morning.  Our thoughts most certainly go out to the victims of this tragedy, but this magnifies our necessity to mobilize and engage communities across difference to change …

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From Time Travel to Standing Up For Education, Here Are 5 Books to Encourage You to See The World

Travel and literature go hand in hand. Great books can help us understand another experience, explore another place, and make friends from across the globe. Here are some of my top picks for books that will not only take you away through their storytelling, but will inspire you to actually …

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