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A Crumb of Justice for Russia's Journalists

Fourteen reprisal killings of Russian journalists since 2000 (when current president Vladimir Putin entered office) have had a chilling effect on Russia’s increasingly fearful and watched free press. International outcry about the plight of Russia’s journalists has built slowly but is now reaching a crescendo, with the EU, Council of …

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Water Rights in Colombia

I ran across this article today and thought you all might enjoy it! It’s from the Inter Press Service News Agency. —- COLOMBIA: Campaign Seeks to Make Water a Constitutional RightBy Helda Martínez BOGOTA, Aug 24 (IPS) – Sixty environmental, indigenous, labour and social organisations in Colombia are carrying out …

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The Perils and Potential of Kazakhstan

Hi All.  Like Una, I haven’t had the chance to blog very much lately.  A big part is not just the ridiculous amounts of terrible and depressing news in the world, but also because I just came back from Kazakhstan, 10 time zones away from the U.S. East Coast. I …

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Some Sunday Reflections: Multiculturalism v. Cultural Relativism

An incident this weekend (which I may or may not go into in a future post) got me thinking about multiculturalism and cultural relativism. Cultural relativism and multiculturalism are too often used as synonyms, when, really, they are two different (if not mutually exclusive) concepts. In the modern state system, …

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Mexico: Gateway to North America?

I found a very interesting article in today’s Christian Science Monitor.  It details illegal immigration.  But it’s not about Mexicans entering the United States, which you see all over CNN and Wolf Blitzer.  Rather, the story depicts the tale long before the U.S. border is in sight.  According to the …

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The flame of peace in Ivory Coast

On July 30 2007, in a ceremonial move in the city of Bouake, President Laurent Gbagbo and Prime Minister Soro Guillaume of Ivory Coast set fire to stockpiled weapons to symbolize the end of a destructive conflict that split the country in two parts since 2002. The "flame of peace", …

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