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Una's Travels: Belgrade: The Hotel Slavija

I’ve decided to switch to the present tense for the rest of my travel posts. I just think I write better in it. November 25th: My classmates and I reach Belgrade in the late afternoon. As we approach the city, grubby country-side gives way to grubby suburbs. Brick and cinder-block …

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Una's Travels: Budapest by Day, and Traveling to Serbia

Budapest by day was wonderful. My friends and I walked around the city, stopping to eat at a Hungarian pastry shop, seeing an exhibit of photos from the 1956 Hungarian Uprising, and visiting many historical buildings, such as the Hungarian Parliament. In the evening, we went to the Gellert Baths …

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Can the EU Look Ahead and Accept Turkey?

Before I get to Turkey, a quick note: I worry that the Interdependent is becoming too Europe-focused due to my profuse posting, so let me set something straight: this is not a Euro-blog. There exist many excellent Euro-blogs in the blogosphere. But this is a blog about the world — …

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Only Diplomacy should serve Democracy

I am afraid to hypothesize that the conventional wisdom that has fed the US foreign policy-making in recent years has relied on the use of non-democratic means to try to impose democracy and quell terrorism. Non-democratic strategies manifest in the use of force and result in war and political chaos …

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Una's Travels: From Cyprus to Budapest

Last Tuesday, my enclave finally got the go-ahead to leave Cyprus. Our wounded compatriot¬† was well enough to be left behind (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see previous travel posts), and we had to resume our scheduled trip through Hungary and the Balkans. On the flight from …

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Peter Beinart on UN Peacekeeping Missions

UN Dispatch has a great post about an article on UN peacekeeping written by (of all people) Peter Beinart in (of all publications) The New Republic. I checked the article out, and, while I may not have a great personal impression of Beinart¬† (he did something nasty at a function …

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What's the Worst Conventional Wisdom?

I was recently asked to answer this question: What is the most problematic and damaging piece of conventional wisdom in American foreign policy today, and why? Here’s my answer in a nutshell: Islamofascism.  Islamofascism represents an attempt to link the fight against terrorism today with past fights against Nazi Germany …

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