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Warm Revolutions

Another contribution by Jonathan Skinner: Warm colors appear to be dyeing the banners of opposition protestors for democratic reform in Central Asia. But amidst the daily reports of extremist insurgency in the Middle East, opposition forces in Central Asia have managed to avoid bloody anarchy. It seems democracy in the …

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Stand up and take charge

The following was written by Jonathan Skinner, an AID leader based in G√∂ttingen, Germany, and currently working in the Berlin office. Responding to global criticism of UN transparency, accountability, and effectiveness, Secretary General Kofi Annan announced reform recommendations on Monday March 21. The pressing reforms, as mentioned in The Economist …

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Call for Applications

Call for Applications for "Bringing the World Home" Retreats in Europe Americans studying abroad in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa are invited to apply for Bringing the World Home retreats being held across Europe in April, May, and June. The retreats will bring together hundreds of Americans abroad for …

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If Paul Krugman’s analysis in his column from today is correct, Americans should be outraged. In my "Hot Air" postings, I discussed the tendency to use foreign policy for domestic populist purposes on both sides of the Atlantic (though I admittedly came down harder on the Europeans). This being a …

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Hot Air Part II

In a recent posting, I lamented that the transatlantic rift we’ve been navigating for the past three years was characterized by a lot of hot air, that disagreements were patched over when it was domestically convenient, when all the major players could declare reconciliation without conceding defeat. The first test …

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Hot Air

I got quite a shock today. First of all, the sun is shining in Berlin, a true rarity. As I sat by my window, enjoying the sunshine and reading the transcript of Bush’s State of the Union Address (the time difference prohibited me hearing it live), I wondered what I …

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