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If Paul Krugman’s analysis in his column from today is correct, Americans should be outraged. In my "Hot Air" postings, I discussed the tendency to use foreign policy for domestic populist purposes on both sides of the Atlantic (though I admittedly came down harder on the Europeans). This being a …

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Hot Air Part II

In a recent posting, I lamented that the transatlantic rift we’ve been navigating for the past three years was characterized by a lot of hot air, that disagreements were patched over when it was domestically convenient, when all the major players could declare reconciliation without conceding defeat. The first test …

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Hot Air

I got quite a shock today. First of all, the sun is shining in Berlin, a true rarity. As I sat by my window, enjoying the sunshine and reading the transcript of Bush’s State of the Union Address (the time difference prohibited me hearing it live), I wondered what I …

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Groundhog Day

Well, here it is, the 2nd of February. Here in Berlin, there’s no chance any groundhog would see his shadow; the grayness just hangs in this city. But rather than contemplate prognosticating rodents, I’ve been remembering the film "Groundhog Day," in which Phil, played by the illustrious Bill Murray, relives …

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Bad Policy vs. Tough Choices

Here are some selected excerpts from a recent opinion column by Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations: "…it is neither desirable nor practical to make democracy promotion the dominant feature of American foreign policy….There is no realistic way that democracy will arrive in either North Korea or …

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Iraqis Vote While the Rest of Us Squabble

I love Maureen Dowd, I really do. She’s a witty writer, a fiercely intelligent woman and a committed defender of civil liberties. I try to never miss her column in the New York Times. She never tires of pointing out the myriad examples of incompetence on the parts of Donald …

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