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Look Who's Supporting the Bush Doctrine Now

Why it’s Russia. No one ought to begrudge Russia the right to defend its civilian population, or to pre-emptively act to prevent another atrocity like Beslan from occurring. But given that even many American hawks aren’t entirely comfortable with Putin’s policies in attempting to subdue Chechnya, I don’t think that …

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Preemptive Stupidity

The last two weblogs raise the issue of what seems to be a popular tactic these days: nations preemptively striking, or threatening to preemptively strike others who may or may not be compromising their national security. The Bush doctrine, or at least the useful parts of it, has taken the …

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Rethinking the Strategies

In response to Don Curry’s commentary from September 8, I do agree that Bush’s idealistic plan to thwart and eventually end terrorism on a global level is far from being achieved. Military action and the threat of further preemptive strikes have failed to make the world a safer place, as …

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Where do we go from here?

In a new development on the ongoing monitoring of Iranian nuclear weapons capabilities, Alireza Jafarzadeh, an Iranian defector, reports that Iran is using “existing differences between the U.S. and Europe to their advantage and tries to drag out talks with the EU to buy time.” Reuters also reports that “the …

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This term was used by many of the major French newspapers to describe the horrific series of events that unfolded in Beslan. I was enroute to Bordeaux, France when I heard the news. I was stunned. Now, almost a week after the beginning of the siege, the people of Russia …

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Backgrounder: War in Chechnya

The Economist summarizes Chechnya’s troubled history aptly: “The separatist struggle in predominantly Muslim Chechnya results in large part from the exceptional cruelty that Stalin meted out to its people at the end of the second world war. Suspecting some Chechens of aiding the Nazis, he deported the republic’s entire population …

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