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A Disappearing Act

Take a look at a new article on MSNBC.com entitled, “U.N.: Iraqi nuclear materials have vanished.” While the nation, myself included, has been glued to the television set watching the presidential debates, soaking in all of the post-debate commentary and polls on how each candidate performed, notably on the issue …

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al-Zarqawi: Fact or Fiction?

The growing mythic stature of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is the latest case in point. In an attempt to find some information on the figure, whose stature easily rivals that of Osama bin Laden, I wound up…confused. On the internet, I found a flurry of contradictions and conflicting claims about al-Zarqawi. …

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Comments on Nuclear Deterrence and Double Standards

In the previous posting, Jessica Kinloch explains that North Korea has developed a uranium-enrichment program as part of a nuclear deterrence strategy. Before suggesting possible actions to be taken against this, it is important to understand the principle concepts behind the theory of nuclear deterrence. The main idea is that …

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North Korea backgrounder

In 2002 President Bush named North Korea as a “rogue state”, as part of an “axis of evil.” As a deeply secretive society and one of the few remaining countries under communist rule, it is difficult to gauge exactly how much North Korea’s possession of nuclear weapons will affect international …

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Look Who's Supporting the Bush Doctrine Now

Why it’s Russia. No one ought to begrudge Russia the right to defend its civilian population, or to pre-emptively act to prevent another atrocity like Beslan from occurring. But given that even many American hawks aren’t entirely comfortable with Putin’s policies in attempting to subdue Chechnya, I don’t think that …

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Preemptive Stupidity

The last two weblogs raise the issue of what seems to be a popular tactic these days: nations preemptively striking, or threatening to preemptively strike others who may or may not be compromising their national security. The Bush doctrine, or at least the useful parts of it, has taken the …

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Rethinking the Strategies

In response to Don Curry’s commentary from September 8, I do agree that Bush’s idealistic plan to thwart and eventually end terrorism on a global level is far from being achieved. Military action and the threat of further preemptive strikes have failed to make the world a safer place, as …

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