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Recurring Nightmare

Retired Canadian General Romeo Dallaire blasted the Western response to the crisis in Sudan as “lame.” Dallaire has an especially good reason to be appalled by the West’s inaction: he was the commander of the ill-fated Rwanda peacekeeping mission whose urgent requests for reinforcements to stop the genocide were rebuffed …

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One Last Go At NATO (Bringing the Troops Home, Redux)

I know that this blog may have seemed a little preoccupied with Bush’s troop realignments, but given that these moves are slated to take place over the next 2-10 years, I think our attention to this topic is appropriate. I want to briefly respond to Kathryn’s and Sarah’s posts questioning …

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What our Allies are REALLY Saying

Kathryn, I agree that criticizing Bush’s troop redeployment plan as too ‘”unilateralist” does not exactly hold water. In fact, according to the general rule that one should practice, as it were, what one preaches, it would be hyprocritical of the U.S. NOT to realign troops. Let’s look at the arguments. …

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A Unilateralist Image?

While I think that Eric is absolutely correct in his (fairly condemning) analysis of President Bush’s troop redeployment plan, I’m not sure that I would criticize the plan for being too ‘unilateralist‘. At least not the part about removing troops from Germany (South Korea, given the very real threat posed …

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Comment on blog postings

Just wanted to let everybody know that I’ve fixed the problem that we were having earlier with the blog post display; i.e., the author names not automatically showing up, the dates not appearing, etc. So, you don’t have to add your names to the body of the post anymore, as …

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Note About Bringing Troops Home

I’m a little late on this, but I wanted to add a couple thoughts on the troop realignment Bush announced last week. Tracy wrote that it’s not just the change, but also “an issue of what these exact changes are and the manner in which they are made.” Well, I …

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Doctors and The Politics of Terror

In this blog, I am going to discuss the psychological consequences of the penetrance of terror in society and the media at large. A mindset that American enemies are everywhere may have provided justification for the participation of doctors in the human rights abuses at Abu Ghraib. Let me begin …

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