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G20 Summit

The next G20 Summit takes place in Turkey later this month. You may have heard about the G20 Summits. But what are they? Here’s all you need to know- the who, what, when, and why! What: The G20 is a group of 19 countries plus the European Union. The annual …

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Disengage Does Not Equal Change

In the 2014 elections, only 19.9% of Americans ages 19 to 29 cast a ballot– the lowest rate of youth turnout ever recorded in a federal election.[1] Similar patterns of voter turnout have been seen recently in countries like Britain and Canada. Some may be content to label this voter …

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The Geography of Unhappiness

Following the government of Bhutan’s lead, the United Nations has begun measuring levels of global happiness and compiling the findings into an annual report. Leading experts across fields agree: quantifying happiness is an effective tool in assessing the progress of a nation, as well as directing and improving public policy. …

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Fight Night: Dems Debate

As some of you may have noticed, the Snapchat feed covering last Tuesday’s first Democratic debate was called “Fight Night: Dems Debate.” Some major news networks also used similar graphics, advertising for the debate as if it were a major boxing match. For a generation that typically reflects either a sense …

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Queens of Africa and the Power of Heroes

Countless young people could tell their own stories of struggles to find confidence and a sense of individuality. For children, the struggle may come from trying to identify with the strong, skinny, beautiful, handsome characters they are continuously exposed to. Many children strive to be less like themselves and more …

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