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Your Best Opinion Piece Yet

By Danielle Orellana You may be wishing to know how to write the most powerful opinion piece of your career based on a current issue that really infuriates you. Well, here’s the some ways to do so: read others’ op-eds and letters to the editor as examples of passionate writing …

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Pope Francis: Defender of Environment and Social Equality

By Tancrede Pages. Pope Francis’ highly anticipated visit to the United States should be considered a success. The “progressive pope”, as the mainstream press identifies him, continued his rhetoric condemning environmental harm instigated by human industrial activity, the growing economic gap that exists between poor majority and the exclusive financial …

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Are You Here for the Pope or His Message?

By Tahil Sharma. Very few people were unaware of the past week’s events with the arrival of Pope Francis to the United States. He is the fourth Pope to visit the United States, the second to go to the White House, but the first to have addressed a joint assembly …

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The Impact of Black Carbon on Climate Change

By Patsorn Udomritthiruj. Talking about climate change requires talking about black carbon. Black carbon is the number two forcing factor of climate change. It is also a problem many scientists agree we can eradicate right now. Black carbon is a strong light-absorbing component of particulate matter created from incomplete combustion …

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A Global Identity

By Anjali Mishra. In Ancient Greece and Rome, a citizen was someone who not only belonged to a specific area, but was also someone who played a role in advancing society. It was someone who made life better. This theory of citizenship developed and as interaction between different cultures and …

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Quick Facts on the Iran Nuclear Deal

By Jin Sing Sia. What is it? The deal between the United States and Iran in a nutshell: No bombs, no sanctions. Iran needs special reactors and centrifuges to extract the required uranium to build a nuke. That’s all you really need to know – the rest is nuclear physics. …

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Yazidis Find a Safe Haven in Armenia

By Ani Hakobyan. The world was left horrified, heartbroken, and stunned when in the summer of 2014, Islamic State (also known by its acronyms IS, ISIS, or ISIL) massacred the ancient Yazidi people in Iraq’s Mount Sinjar. Native to the Greater Middle East, nearly 50,000 of the Yazidi population of …

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