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Fight or Fall: Internal flaws the UN must fix for South Sudan

By Alex Beck. As mentioned in the previous AIDemocracy article on South Sudan, the United Nations’ peacekeeping activities are currently providing badly needed security and shelter for civilians in UN refugee camps. This is, of course, a vital function that is essential for the survival of many South Sudanese civilians. …

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Does Putin Really Have His Sight Set on the “Next Crimea”?

By Ani Hakobyan. With the recent annexation of the Russian-majority Crimea, comes the fear that most, if not all, members of the former Soviet Union are asking themselves, “are we next?” This, of course, is referring to the worry that areas of certain countries in the former Soviet Union will …

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US-Iranian Relations: Why it Matters

By Alen A. US-Iranian Relations: Why it Matters American-Iranian relations are slowly improving –especially after the election of President Hassan Rouhani and the subsequent end to the presidency of unpopular demagogue, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad– and it is crucial for Middle Eastern stability, the international community, and the two nations that relations …

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