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Why Women are still fighting in 2017?


Women have fought for our rights and equality for quite a long time. But, why have we spent all this time fighting and still haven’t achieved what we dedicated our lives, souls, time, and efforts for? Why do we still have problems like unequal pay, sexual harassment, domestic violence, not having control …

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Local Food, Local Poverty

Local Food

A few blocks away from my house, there’s a weekly farmer’s market.  It’s lively and festive, with local agriculture, gluten-free baked goods, and live music and art.  It’s a wonderful set-up, aimed at making local food more accessible to those who live downtown.  This farmer’s market succeeds in every way …

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The Trump Effect On India

While his “ Abki baar Trump Sarkaar” campaign slogan and the Diwali 2016 celebrations did succeed in impressing a number of Indians, would the new Trump government actually prove to be a boon for the world’s largest democracy- India? Political Impact “Under a Trump administration, we are going to become …

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Post-Election Impacts on Health


With the uproar and conflict caused by the election, the country is currently in one of the most tense states it has ever been in the modern era. Personally, I am appalled by the decision that was made that fateful Tuesday night. I am disappointed that my country’s citizens, the American …

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Enshrine Your Heart With Courage: Looking Back on San Bernardino

A little over a year ago, Southern California was struck by an attack of terror. Three assailants entered the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino during a gathering, killing 14 people and injuring 21 others, a few being in critical condition. The assailants were Muslim and claimed an allegiance to …

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8 Songs That’ll Make You Want to Travel, Dance and Change the World

1. Go Far (feat. Will Heard) by Rudimental — This song is basically made to inspire travel and change.  The artists talk about how many places there are to go, and how many people there are in the world to meet. It’s important to travel and to encounter new cultures and ways of …

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