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A Dangerous Influence on U.S. Foreign Policy

On December 23rd, the New York Times released an article that raises concerns about political and financial influences upon the U.S. government’s commitment to economic sanctions. As reported in the article, the Treasury Department has permitted billions of dollars of U.S. goods to be exported to foreign entities, some of …

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Bring Back the Middleman!

The most powerful governments and the governments that historically have donated the most in foreign aid have not really changed. The United States, along with many Western European nations, continue to dominate much of world politics and donate billions of dollars to developing nations. While this arena of international affairs …

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Procrastinating Policymakers in the EU

As it turns out, procrastination is not a mindset you grow out of. I had thought (or perhaps just hoped) that it would go by the wayside along with all the papers and projects I am no longer subjected to since graduating this past June. No such luck. Instead, procrastination …

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Is Microfinance the Next Financial Bubble?

Muhammad Yunus, the founder of microfinance, has an episode of the Simpsons dedicated to him. Yeardly Smith, the voice of Lisa Simpson, was so impressed with Mr. Yunus she traveled to Bangladesh to see microfinance in action before recording the episode. She is only the latest fan of microfinance, a …

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This Lame Duck Session Could End Up Really Lame for Developing Countries

So much of political and policy news coverage since the midterm elections has been spent on actions the lame duck session of Congress have taken up – specifically as it relates to the extension of the “Bush Tax Cuts.”  While the tax cut issue has ramifications for nearly all taxpaying …

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Women in post-conflict politics: Why quotas are not enough

Women are not merely victims of war. Rather, they are often the central peacemakers in their community. From the Mano River Women Peace Network in Liberia, to The Women in Black in Belgrade, to Las Madres de la Plaza de Mayo in Argentina, women have mobilized to mediate conflict, demonstrate …

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