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Links between climate change and food security cannot be ignored

Agricultural yields are closely dependent on weather patterns. With increasing climate variability and change, agriculture and subsequently human well-being will be negatively impacted. While some places might see a rise in crop yield, the net effect of agricultural yields worldwide will be negative, with South Asia thought to be hit …

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Buy food locally – in Sub-Saharan Africa

In 2007, CARE International, a large aid organization, turned down $46 billion worth of grain a year from the US government.  In doing this, CARE was protesting the US policy of monetized food aid. Monetized food aid, in this context, essentially entails American grain being shipped to charities across the …

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COP17 – Show me the money!

By Ilana Solomon. Every year, countries that have signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) gather to discuss next steps on fighting the climate crisis.  This year, 194 countries will gather in Durban, South Africa.  This conference has particular significance, as it is taking place on the …

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We’re hiring! Hunger & Climate Change Fellow

Are you a student interested in fighting poverty and addressing climate change? Do you believe that students have both the power and the obligation to speak out about global challenges? Americans for Informed Democracy is accepting applications from inspired, globally conscious students who are interested in getting hands-on experience educating …

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Double Standard in Approaches to Food Aid

During the Accra Agenda for Action in 2008, 100 governments committed to making aid more transparent, results oriented, and accountable to those receiving aid. Advocates of the subsequently defined SMART Aid principles  have produced or highlighted some SMART Aid projects. For instance, DFID, the UK’s Department for International Development, in …

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Permaculture: one approach to addressing food security

Permaculture is a term derived from the 2 terms: permanent & agriculture. Permaculture seeks to address human needs in ways that work with the natural environment, rather than against it. One must start first with observing nature and ecosystems, because these ecosystems can teach humans a lot about resilience and …

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