How Can Social Entrepreneurs Contribute to Society?

An entrepreneur is often defined as someone who sees a social problem in his community and comes up with a new idea, method or business to respond to it. But the truth has more to it than this; their impact is really important and more significant than we can imagine. …

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The Merry-go-round Of Poverty

So what does an amusement park attraction targeted towards children ages 3-10 (but fear not, you’re never too old) have to do with poverty, the cause of the death of 22,000 children a day have in common? The commonality lies in the cycle. One of the most destructive factors of …

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Equal Economic Inequality

If you live long enough in the U.S., you’re bound to hear something about the 1% and the 99%, representing how the top 1% unproportionally own 40% of U.S. wealth. However, people fail to note is how the U.S. is not the most economically unequal nation in the world and …

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Sexist Poverty

The notion that poverty could be sexist may not be plausible to some. Money is often considered one of the most objective objects there are, so how can it give preference to anything, much less gender. The problem lies in the social and political factor of the distribution of money. …

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Poverty: More Types Than Just One

It is a well-known fact that not all poor people are the same nor have similar situations that brought them to their state of poverty. So, why should we do the same for poverty? Many of us use the broad overarching word “poverty” to describe the situation of the poor …

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3 Reasons Why Even Selfish Guys (and Everybody) Should Care About and Support Feminism

The female. Roughly half of the world’s population. You would expect that over the course of thousands of years that no one would be able to oppress this formidable group from equal social, economic, and political status as the other half of the world. But it has happened. This inequality, …

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