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The Women’s March: What were you marching for?

Women's March

A couple weeks ago over 3 million people worldwide marched for justice, the rights of the marginalized, a better future and for what makes America beautiful in the Women’s March. Three AMPster’s share their own experiences. Nicki participated in the “Disability March,” an amazing and inclusive alternative for people who were not able …

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The Merry-go-round Of Poverty

So what does an amusement park attraction targeted towards children ages 3-10 (but fear not, you’re never too old) have to do with poverty, the cause of the death of 22,000 children a day have in common? The commonality lies in the cycle. One of the most destructive factors of …

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Not Just Broken Bones: Let’s Talk Injury

When you think of injury, what do you think of? Broken bones, car accidents? Maybe pulling a muscle, or getting a cut? While these images are relevant, injury is so much more. It is the killing of 28 lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School, and the cause of painful displacement …

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